Which Fireball Camaro Will Ryan Race Next In NPK?

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  1. It completely destroyed the carbon front . It’s not like he can just go get a carbon front clip off the shelf at Napa. I’m guessing if he was able to get parts the motor, firewall, and windshield he could get it back together as Justin did in a couple days. My guess is they’re gonna have to have that nose piece custom made or have one made from whoever they get them from.

  2. From Ryan's statement at VMP they had to send it back to the builders the fire took out the wiring and hoses it needs a total nose and hood all wiring and firewall, windshield!! Lot of damage to firewall area!!

  3. Stop posting such short videos!! 2 min video isn't even worth clocking on, use to love your channel but eont click on a video unless it's pushing 10 minutes I dint want to be searching for new videos all the time, stop with these dumb ass 2 min videos so stroud

  4. If Ryan does not race the gray 007 car, the points he has accumulated so far will not roll over to the red car.. so if he really does race the red car he will have zero points going into that event and will probably have to race his way in .He could potentially be out of the Championship depending on how long the 007 Car is out for.. I believe this is how it would wk don’t roast me to hard if I’m wrong…

  5. You’ll be amazed what Ryan can get done in 3 wks, assuming parts are available. They will work day and night to get the gray car ready. We shall see!

  6. Ryan is racing the OG car at the No Prep that he is attending this weekend with Murder Nova, Lutz and some of the Nola crew I believe. This is not out of the ordinary, he most likely had this planned since it is an appearance and non NPK related. There is no doubt in my mind that the gray car will be back for the next NPK event next weekend. The people/vendors that Ryan has behind him, they all want that car at the track.

  7. Ryan Martin has made licks with both cars, and they are close right now. Watched all videos on his channel, and he did testing for NPK on track using both cars. So he has moved the weight on the OG Fireball Camaro.

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