What Happened to Cause a Back Fire?!? No Prep Kings 22' BIR Thrash and Repairs!

StreetCar Show Down was not the results we wanted, so now to make Stop #7 of NPK in our own hometown we have to start THRASHING to make it! Follow along our 2 Weeks of Thrashing and hopefully make it for Brainerd MN NPK!

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V8 Firing Order Video

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  1. Greg go to local box store or hardware and buy 3/8 x 3/4 dense foam rubber weatherstrip to use for a pan gasket. Plus one side is double faced tape to stick to your oil pan. It worked for me on custom aluminum pans or odd engines. Silicone will distort the pan bad when trying to remove, unless you lightly rub neverseize on the block or pan, put bead silicone on and let set till it don't transfer to finger. Then it will come off no prob. I would take a cast rod and cut big end off and machine a step in the lathe so the jaws could grab then insert bearing and chamfer away. Hope this gives you food for thought.

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