We WON another one! Brainerd MN No Prep Kings was good to my crew and I! Show Stopper is on a roll

We won another one! Brainerd MN was good to me! Show Stopper is on a roll! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. Go Kye go always love seeing you back on the game at the top again buddy, God bless you and your family Mark from Tennessee, p.s. hope lizzy gets up there with you brother, Mark from Tennessee, ☺☺

  2. Awesome awesome job Kye that u did ur getting the car right where u need to be and whooping ass why ur doing it to keep up the good work u and ur team is doing be safe and always be careful doing what u do best on the track and that's kick ass and win

  3. showstomper kicking ass and taking names looked like dem fools could not run with you you and martin will be going for the big ass jackpot good luck

  4. Got it down to a science bro!
    1 question though….
    Are you adjusting your upper back while getting comfortable in seat!?
    Personal Trainer asking… curious.

  5. Look not trying to take anything away, but really what kinda draws in sequence was that?!

    I mean duck after duck after duck what luck. And Ryan out first round?

    Just saying if just about anybody had those draws one after another in this field of competition they better win especially Kye Kelley.

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