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  1. @187 are just hating on you because you’re @bigchief fan and @midwest street cars is the sh*t and chief is everyone’s favorite my personal opinion 💪🏽

  2. My husbun, yes like to grab his ass! Said the soul of any car or machine comes from the owners or the person operating it. He said look at Shawn's 187 video again. there are misgiving and second thoughts. Shawn didnot have the heart to rebuild the OG Murder Nova, he had New Murder Nova built. The oldMG still has his heart. Now The OG Murder Nova says,Thank you Shawn I have A NEW HEART!

  3. Your right SIM. The white crow was totaled. He said in that recent video. He could walk outside right then, an show everybody. There was only about a 2, or 3 foot section, that could still be used from the white crow. The black car was a completely different roof & quarters car, with a completely different VIN #. I figured everyone had saw the white crow get rolled like 5+ times by now. When Brian chucky davis pit maneuvered Cheif.

  4. i'm glad to see murder nova back with a procharged chevy it helps me learn to see what it can do. me personally i've been planning a big block 548 ci with a 140 blower. thank you for all the news you given to your fans i wish the best of luck to the 405 to one of the best teams in america's list big chief for the win p.s big chief vs kye kelley

  5. Sim you showed true maturity, with the way you carried yourself handling the issue with Phatom. I really think once he finds out your not like those other channels. That popped up a few months back releasing all the npk races as they happen, just to make money. So I really think he will reach out, an tall talk it out. Him,an Shawn 100% real an not fake, an they will admit when they are wrong. So this will get worked out at some point I'm sure. You really our a great guy, an extremely respectful to others. Proud you handled it the way you did.

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