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  1. 40k is totally doable MINUS labor lol…I was on Amazon earlier and and a Borowski ad popped up and 3 engines were on from 59k-75k. Crazy the $$$ going from 1500hp to 2-3khp

  2. Who said it was going to be about budget builds, or builds that the average fan can afford? Sounds like some fans are delusional and are still butt hurt that chief was giving the “axe” on the show.. But it does seem that the majority agrees, that chase is a race is as well received as a dose of the clap.. Also, I, myself, did not start watching the show for one certain person, ANYONE can be replaced at anything or any job.. I watch the show cause I’m a fan of drag racing plain and simple… stop watching the show if it upsets you that much that Justin got booted, it’s really that simple

  3. I just love kye kelly. He's so down to earth and nice to everyone. And he is so competion oriented he will not stop until he's number one…🙏👏🐐

  4. Kye gained a fan for building his own car and engine. Plus just seeing the good old boy way of life is just like we do it.

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