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  1. Reusing those pistons was scary to see as u know he's running nitrous but that's something a real man and his friends can do in his garage in my mind he won before the race even started.

  2. This was by far the best build episode….A real streetcar and built by the owners with a real budget in mind. I know there is a lot of JJ hatters, but they are just stupid and jealous that this guy knows how to use his hands and build something from scratch. The whole problem with this show has been they were supposed to build cars that most could relate to, something more in line with what the average guy could achieve and afford himself. The original 20-40K budget was reasonable and in line with what many could swing. Yes, it is hard to come up with that much money, but those that are serious about a build, would be fairly comfortable with the amount. In both Ryans case and Kyle's place they decided to build the car of their dreams, one they wish they could have built back when they were young. That is fine, but not what the show was about, it was about building the car the average guy could build on a budget and pretty much my hand. Ryan pretty much paid to have his car built, he bought a car that was pre-built to a nice standard ($75,000.00) and then had LME build a new LS based engine with supercharger for another ($35,000.00), bought a new transmission, another $10 to 14K, and then purchased all the newest bolt on suspension parts and new rear end. Total cost well into the 150 to 175K dollar area, could be more with parts shortages and next day shipping cost. Sorry, but the average guy cannot do that…..And again we see the number one problem with motor sports….Money. The sport has to many that can simple out spend the completion and run out the little guy. I enjoy watching the NPK races, but as you can plainly see, it's those with the most funds that get to the top. The same problem that has plagued NHRA for so many years. I think if they don't want the NPK to follow the same decline as NHRA, then they need to do something to limit the big money from coming in and stealing the show. They do have the Feature Street Outlaws, which is a series you have to race in before you move up, but those guys have the funds to do that for a few seasons, where most would not.

    Back to the show…. All of them left out many steps of the build, but JJ's was probably the best in terms of watching entertainment and relatable. The episode with Axe Man was stupid with the guy cutting out the floor pan with a gas-powered chop saw. Really, completely unrealistic and stupid, they were struggling to find a way to get his wood saw background somehow into the show.

    JJ's episode was not perfect either, did you notice the piston/rod assembly without a drop of assembly lube or oil? Right. I don't think they re-used those factory rods and expect to get 800hp out of the engine. It's a show, and yes, many Seens were vague and light on content, but I still enjoyed the episode, way more than the other so far. Like it or not, JJ is the closest racer to the average guy on the show. He started life over just a few years ago, after serving his time in jail, he has earned everything he has on his own and through hard work. Love or hate him, his stuff runs well, is competitive and is always a step or two below the guys he is racing. More with less is his moto, and what the common racer faces every day.

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