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  1. Sim your 100% right,birdman did have a 3rd gen camaro,he raced nola with it on there show and it was the car he was racing when daddy Dave crashed the first goliath.

  2. Sim… How about this for a theory! Big Chief is all street now. He is gonna be doing races and all the things. As he gets more into the street scene again he makes friends and people he races with. After a year or a couple years of running the streets… Bam there is your new show. OG vs New blood Street Outlaws. Chief returns with a vengeance and whole new crew. America's List vs America's Streets. Who will take the crown! I'm sure that would be a huge thing and Chief could negotiate the terms he would want to do it his way.

  3. Although this season the list doesn’t seem to get locked up and there’s less drama this year, my problem is the way they set the list. Other than the top 5, whether you end up in the top 12 or bottom 12 was kind of luck of the draw. Example, if you were on the winners side after the first shakeup, what chip you drew determined whether you were 6 or 12. Point is, your starting position wasn’t actually determined by racing they could’ve just as easily set the list by a bracket style deal and if my math is right, they could’ve determined the list by racing for it instead of luck of the draw . I love Bobby to death but, we all know he doesn’t have a top 5 car. Lizzy has a top 5 car but she’s mostly terrible on the list and judging from the cars behind her, she won’t be in the top 5 much longer. Yeah she will make a good pass here and there but overall she belongs in the bottom half of the list.

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