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  1. It’s getting old hearing Memphis complaining when someone beats them considering they had to have chase is a race so they can jump on everyone, they had to have half of their team on the list, they had to have the hit on Ryan etc am I missing anything else? This ain’t the Fastest in America show.. They complain too much. I like them but it’s ruining this shows vibe tbh. I’ve said it a few times but they prove me right every episode it seems

  2. Chief must have LAUGHED HIS ASS OFF when Bain bumped in and watched Princess take off!! Bain TOTALLY EXPOSED MEMPHIS AND THEIR SLIPPERY WAYS AND EVERYBODY SHOULD BE BUMPING IN AGAINST MEMPHIS. He did NOTHING wrong, all within the spirit of the rules.

  3. Sim the small Tire thing was not the 405 idear it was an MSO come out with it first get your facts straight I get tired of you pushing the 405 into the greatest thing since sliced white bread they are not they're always sucking up or somebody else's idea manufactory newest thing out on MSO full body Factory – Factory interior stock – you can have a roll bar. But will be a hard Tire or radial tire race only

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