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  1. I called this last week. The number one guy has never had security in the 405 from being called out over and over again. And the 405 and Everybody has video evidence proving this. Nola wants to cry and lie and say they did. Nola is knowingly lying No Matter What. And jumping is cheating and only fake racers need to do that no matter what and because of the Jumping and Cheating this is a FAKE list. So it doesn’t really matter who is number 1 or Last in a Fake racing list. This show is becoming faker and faker every episode. I Guarantee I cancel this DVR recording and stop watching this FAKE show permanently before the end of this fake season. Nola and MSO are Fake racers and the 405 are the Only real racers on the street. And Nobody can Ever disprove any of this Ever no matter what. I don’t see or reply back to anybody because you are irrelevant.

  2. I watched at 2:30 this morning on disco+. I had been cringing less lately when Scott Taylor was on, he seemed to be maturing, in fact NOLA as a whole had been. Boy this episode showed them all riding the waambulance. Scott was crying about the rules, Krye Kelley was whining and practicing his political "misremembering" and whining. Bobby was actually stomping his feet and crying about the "405 shit". Like Shawn said, wait until the rule change bites them, they will be crying all over again.🤮🤮😭😭

  3. OMG Bobby started to act like x Man and Bobby got lucky and started at the top this year some of them had to start at 20 or 25 this year was number 5 last year you don't see them crying about it and half bobby team got lucky and started in top's 10 or higher if your a number one car you got to show why your a number one guy you got to out run who ever call you out number one is the king of the street Ryan Martin take on anyone he's said if he can't out run he don't need to be number one

  4. So theres the drama I remember from last year. Everyone against the 405. Let's just see some racing. Bobby is acting like axeman acted with Chief last year. People get number 1 and dont wanna defend it. They wanna (as the episode name says) "bend the rules" to suit their needs to stay in number one. Annoying.

  5. Sim Joe Zopler is holding a event and doesn't want a huge company to stream it he wants to help out a little guy you should hook up with him 😉 😜

  6. @simabc123 I got a question now just thought of this. So now on America's list if you're number two just lost to number 3 you can call number two right back out

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