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  1. The number one guy has never had security in the 405. And the 405 has video evidence proving this. Sounds like Nola or whoever wants to cry and lie and say they did next week. Nola or whoever is knowingly lying. And jumping is cheating and only fake racers need to do that no matter what.

  2. Let’s face it chase is a race is geared for Memphis & Axeman to compete! They all literally jump and if they don’t they cannot compete with these guys. 405 needs to go back to their old roots racing outa town and their own top 10 list, this is literally fastest in America with JJs rules and 405 there and they may as well let JJ be race master at this point

  3. I'm neutral on Swanstrom, don't hate him, so maybe that makes me a superfan haha. If he wants to try the closed-down street stuff, more power to him. Could be wrong on some of these and there's probably more, don't know everyone's history, but Ryan Martin, Lutz, Kayla, Murillo, Disco Dean, Tina, Lizzy, Jerry Bird, Robin Roberts just to name a few were all track racers before Street Outlaws took off.

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