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  1. Honestly, when it was just the 10 okc guys, every race was interesting like even racing for number 9. Because there was so few of them and they were all friends but super competitive so like even that 9 spot race was important because being number 10 sucked so bad. Anyway my point is every race was interesting to watch and felt like it meant something. 7 is better than 8. 6 is better than 7. So on and so forth. These 20+ lists are just so big the bottom races are meaningless and honestly boring. The 25 car list is obviously even worse than the 20 was. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of americas list. But towards the end of the season the bottom races just aren't even worth watching. Who cares if you're 24 or 25. Honestly who even cares if you're like 13 or 14, 11 or 12. If you're not top ten by the second to last race night like what's even the point. I've heard some people say maybe they should do like a cut every so often like if you aren't top 20 by week 2 or 3 or whatever you're gone. Not top 10 by like the 4th to last race night you're gone and stuff like that. I'm sure they can do the math and figure out a good strategy. Anyway long story short it's just so boring to watch these bottom of the list races. And they're spread out all in between the top important races so like you basically have to watch the whole episode through so you don't miss the important ones. Then 2 hours have gone by and you've watched like 5 races that matter.

  2. Change America's List to a select 10 cars…
    Ryan, Ky, JJ, Scott, Murder Nova, Lizzy, Lutz, Axman… Then have a tournament of sorts for final 2 spots then a list shakeup and thats your season, Top 10 in America battling it out

  3. I have to catch the west coast feeds, but here is a couple of observations:
    1.The odds of Axman going from 21 to 6 on the list was around 70:1 (a statistical mathematician like yourself, can figure it out better than me) but what an amazing move, but the one loss means there is no shot at #1.. he had to win out.
    2. the second biggest mover up the list this year was Johnny Quick.
    3. As much as I believe in 187Customs, Heres the Deal (as Shawn says), Without Big Chief TUNING the Murder Nova, he has slowly lost his way down the street. Bottom line, Chief knew the Nova and the streets better than Shawn and we are still seeing the affects of that split.
    4. It seems like Chuck can’t get the Deathtrap to do a good burnout during the entire it his tires??
    5. Bain doesn’t catch the drift when someone is bagging on him.
    6. Bobby Ducote must have a heck of a time steering his car with T-Rex arms.

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