​@Vice Grip Garage Joins Sick Skids At Last Minute And Wins!

Sick Skids at M1 Concourse, presented by Gear Vendors Overdrive and Motion Raceworks was a huge success. We wanted to throw an epic burnout party to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and Bubba’s Buddies. The fans turned out in their thousands to watch some sweet cars do great burnouts! If you want to donate still, you can do so at
About 95% of the crowd had never seen Australian style burnouts in person and I think we made a lot of new fans. So many people came up to us afterwards and said they wanted to build burnout cars just for this next year. Between shows like this, and what Cleetus McFarland has been doing at the Freedom Factory and Bristol, I think burnouts are going to be massive in the USA!
We had a tie for first place between Derek (Vice Grip Garage) in the Independence Chevelle and Patrick in his red, white and blue truck – so it was a patriotic pair of winners! And a big shoutout to James in the Impala, he put that car together in just days and smashed it.
I didn’t go so well in the Blazer! Hey, I just wanted to give the fans something to remember. Thanks to everyone who came out.

– Tom Bailey

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  1. Hope there’s another one soon or next year. I’ll be back with tires that last longer and a throttle cable that stays on. The ol yellow farm truck came out ready to shred until I lost throttle.

  2. All that space and you run the TB SS right to the barrier, LOL that sucks but that was pretty funny, zigged instead of zagged LOL. Good show good show.

  3. My 21 year old son drove his 1987 BMW E Turdy drift car as he calls it all the way from Howell and back to compete, so glad to see him and his friends having so much fun, thanks for putting on such a great event to keep these young guys out of trouble on the streets, much respect 👍👍👍

  4. Tom, what were you thinking, coming in so hot?!?😂🤣😭🤔
    Looked to me like there's still air in the brake lines, so that probably didn't help!: Looked like everyone was having fun, good job on putting it together!!

  5. Pay attention Goozquad! You don't see any really sweet rides out there in whippy burnout competitions. You see rough cars out there because they get slammed into walls.
    Even the straight line burnout cars get damaged sometimes. Anyone doing whippy burnout competitions in HellCats or Demons are risking a lot of money!

  6. As a father of a child with LGS I want to say thank you Tom Bailey for everything you do for epilepsy awareness and fund raising for epilepsy. I hope to make it to one of your events with my daughter one. THANK YOU!!

  7. Im all for drag racing and like many I have one ( 72 Chevy Cheyenne 402 big block) but I think we can do without this burnout shit. we have enough problems with the pollution Police without giving another reason to shut us all down. The worlds weather is getting pretty bad

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