Upsets Galore At Rocky Mountain Race Week Drag Racing Finals! [4K]

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The final day of Rocky Mountain Race Week saw a shootout format to decide who would take home some big prizemoney. It was a no-time format – just win lights! The qiuckest cars, including Cleetus McFarland in Mullet and Alex Taylor in her 55 Chevy, were back to go for victory. But could Jason Hurley and Meltdown bring about a giant killing performance? You’ll have to watch to find out!
We are all action in this video to round out an awesome week. We’ll be back in the shop next week to give you some updates on the screw-blown Durango…it’s getting wilder by the day!


  1. How many times is cleetus going to install a new setup a week before the event and struggle to get full potential out of the car?

  2. I love seeing the upsets at these drag and drive events. They're always so interesting because of that – it's not just who's built the fastest car, but who's built the most reliable fast car, or has the best luck, or is best equipped to deal with bad luck.

  3. you know what, I am glad the camaro guy won this. He came so close to being the fastest all week and deserved winning something. Sucks that Cleetus went out in the first round but life happens. I can't wait to see their video.

  4. Cool to see these cars "actually race"; "one & done time shots" aren't racing. I'm glad the Hurley dude won the Fast-8 shootout.

  5. Really lovin the perspective you guys are givin us. With all the different media outlets doin their thing on these drag and drives, I personally thank your whole team for putting in the extra effort to get in-depth with these drivers and just gettin after it. Watching the livestream, 1320's updates, cleeter and pfi's dailys..i literally felt like i was there. Thanks again Sick Crew!! You guys are killin it!

  6. I love the humility of the first guy that beat cleetus. That’s the true sportsmanship of the drag and drive community. Very few sports will have competitors that say “unfortunately my opponent had issues and I shouldn’t have won.”

  7. If you didn't know Jason hurley before this week people know who he is now! Freaking good dude…smart built a very well done race/ street car and doing it with his family and never gave up after all the stuff he had to change out was pretty awesome to watch him and then even coming up short in the overall he still pulled off the shootout. Congratulations man you're an awesome guy

  8. Great video ! Reminds me of Drag Racing when it was in its infancy. Where it's kinda a low budget family affair. Where kids can mingle with drivers and the crew. It's like a time machine taking us back to the late 50s and early 60s.

  9. Between Bang Shift's live streams and your angle and interviews, this event was covered like it should! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to cover this!

  10. I think Mike has thew fastest car out there I know he was not in a class but after Clettus and Alex get their cars all worked I think his will out run them both!

  11. The ads for your mag in EVERY DAMN video are annoying for regular viewers to the channel. I have pretty much stopped watching shop / car videos and am skipping ahead in race videos therefore missing content. This iss making those videos less satisfying as we are are entering race season. Hope this feedback is useful.

  12. lol……Cleetus on the trailer…….be proud of the W dude… beat him. I'm sure during WW2 there were allied pilots that spray painted that shit on their planes regardless…..winning is winning.

  13. Team Sick Dropping another well shot and well edited video on the fly, great wrap up and great Interviews. 10/10 would watch again for the Alex 'Hair gone wild" interview!

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