Update on Monza’s New Car and The Final Stretch of NPK – No Prep News Episode 103

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  1. Hey sim I think monza probably used a firebird just cause he doesn't want to build what everyone already has you don't see many of them . Man how awesome is Justin swanstrom and his crew on getting that win congrats. Another great one sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. I think Monza will build C1 Corvette. I know Cameron Johnson likes to use Tim
    McAmis bodies on some of his builds and Tim sells a C1 kit. I think Monza wants something different than anyone else is running. Just my opinion.

  3. I have a question for the no prep kings fans as well as sim… i have seen this 5 speed transmission in a few cars.. A is it an advantage to have 5 speed over a 2 or 3 speed? B wouldn't the 5 speed trans be a weight penalty?

  4. Scoct blew the motor in new car and caught fire and Braden was building a car monza drove in daily with it a said they were building it so Braden could go after the list but never heard anything else about it

  5. It does not matter what he builds still a duck and with his son tuning his car even worse. Can get a handle on the turbos he needs to retire and go hunt in the woods great driver but his time has passed

  6. Unless you live under a Rock. No prep kings is very much live streamed. Several YouTubers have been following it all season and go live every Friday and Saturday night.

  7. Might be an unpopular opinion but I prefer the way limpy flags. Wonder if chief would try it that way on the list or if he just going to stick with the tride n true method

  8. I think Monzas car will be a Chevelle, nice longer wheel base car with a decent length from front spendle to leading edge so the dick extender won't have to be too big.

  9. Brandon does the tuning. In one of monza’s old YouTube videos. He said they got into a situation with HPP so they moved away from them and thats what forced Brandon to focus on the tuning aspect of the program

  10. Years ago, we used to say
    …"…Camaro's were like AZZHOLE'S, EVERYBODY had them…"…

    Still the same problem.. They only make EITHER a Camaro, OR a Mustang.. Finally, now you have the Challenger…

  11. Not sure if you recall but me personally I've watched every single episode numerous times and there was a point that monza made on one episode that Brandon will never race that car he has offered him to race it or take over the driving and Brandon makes it clear he will never race it when monza passes some day the car will be retired never sold

  12. TTVE!! I believe available parts are an attraction for the newer body style camaro's, but I also believe the stock wheel base has something to do with the reason behind everyone building these cars. I am hoping to see Monza announce that he is building a new body style corvette! They seem to offer a great aerodynamic platform for this type of racing, while staying with the Chevrolet brand.

  13. I think they could go live for the finally if the points were close enuff like how they could have everyone caught up in episodes to be live for last race

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