Ultra Rugged RV can NEVER Rot!! 2022 ATC 4023

2022 ATC Game Changer Pro 4023 All Aluminum Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler!
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If you’re TRULY seeking a generational / heirloom quality RV, then ATC might be just the thing for you! There’s not a splinter of wood in these RVs. Instead EVERYTHING is either aluminum or composite materials like Azdel! It’s truly something unique in the marketplace that merges the ideas of Rugged and Premium!

2022 ATC Game Changer 4023 Specs
Hitch 3,000
Cargo 9750
Empty 11,250
Max 21,000
Length 41’3″
Width 8’6″
Height 13’5″
Fresh 200gal
Gray 90gal
Black 45gal

00:00 ATC Game Changer Overview
03:00 Aluminum Interior & Living Room
05:43 THIS is why it’s a “Game Changer”
07:54 Kitchen Storage
10:55 Sizing Up the Bathroom
12:35 Bedroom with W/D Prep
15:03 ATC Exterior Features
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  1. Holy cow! If I needed, or even wanted, a toy hauler this would be the one I'd be drooling over. I love seeing things that are this well-built. I'm going to have to check out and drool over the rest of their line up. I'm not their target market but I can still appreciate their stuff.

  2. Really like the all aluminum construction and painted exterior. Probably lower maintenance.
    Hey, the wife will have a harder time redecorating 😁
    I bet this rig isn’t good in the cold. Kind of like an airstream, all of that aluminum conducts heat and cooling.
    Personally I think there should be a safety recall (OSHA) on that ladder. Excellent job pointing that out. I’d love to see a smaller fifth wheel and a large travel trailer by this manufacture.
    Thanks for another great video. Super interesting and different manufacturer. The aluminum fifth wheel (airstream?)

  3. I love the construction, but I’m sorry to say that the words “comfort and livability” are the last 2 words that come to mind, and this is the 1st $188,000 trailer that I’ve ever seen with a shower curtain☹️☹️☹️

  4. I've been looking at these for years. I love the trac system, the open floorplan, the movable wall, and the aluminum construction which will make it last a long time.

    What i dont like is the lack of slides.

  5. I’ve seen one of these in a TT on a different channel about six months ago. This is the first fifth wheel. Personally I think it’s better than the other brands on that lot. This is your second RV the first time. Keep’m coming

  6. Aluminum doesn't rust but it does rot/disintegrate when acted upon by water with certain chemicals or when paired with dissimilar metals

  7. Impressive! It's so industrial & solid! Not looking for a toy hauler, but this is great. Would love to see what this company does with a regular trailer; Really like the quality & versatility shown here

  8. deified fecal matter!! this is bad rectum, this has got to be the most versatile and outright useful, not to mention durable, toy hauler i seen to this day, i am not too worried about the "house look and feel" this is more industrial, heavy metal, the person who owns this will have steampunk decor, not the vase with the flower. this is number 1 in all areas i would care about. and simple bolt in options… dinette couch etc.. get bored literally rearrange it all yourself in an afternoon, new setup, easy as rearranging furniture in the living room nearly, order another couch or additional dinette when the crotch droppings get bigger etc. the lego set of rvs. build how you want per trip even possible, even add or remove a wall!….. i definately want to see the smaller things that would be in line with…. us poor people…. such as a tear drop or cargo sized version of this would be totally cool, this more industrial type of design rather than home looking opens up so many more options… dinette too tight over here, just move entire thing 2 inches.. impossible in any other type of rv… this rocks. so what if it looks more like a workshop than a home…. i personally like that look… i would retire in this thing… get too old to haul the toys get out the old tools and build a living room off the walls lol.

  9. ATC is the "Transformers" of RVs…

    Its a garage

    It is a heavy duty enclosed hauler

    It is a Travel/5th Wheel Trailer

    It is Built like a tank

    It may not save the world but it sure will protect your hide and your toys and is about as close to a true lifetime RV that money can buy

  10. HOLY COW!!!!!!! Just wow!!!!! I don't need anything that big or toy hauler, but, WOW!!!!! I didn't know about these. I would buy a new truck for that thing and spend the extra money!!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! Love this one!!!!!

  11. There's a local RV repair shop I use from time to time that sells only ATC or used trailers. So I managed to check them out occasionally. Very well built, but they are limited to mostly campers after toy haulers. If you can live without slideouts, that is the toy hauler for you. I never saw that model before Josh, so thanks for the video.

  12. I'm curious how an all-metal unit compares to more traditional build. If you'd be down, I'd love to see an experiment: An ATC and however many equivalent units (same rough size and layout) built more traditionally. Same area on the lot. Cool them all to 70 degrees, then turn off the air and see how quickly the temps rise in each one.

  13. As usual, Josh, you do a great review. However, I would appreciate at the end an MSRP on the unit reviewed (noting options included in that price) and an actual sale price at the time the video was made. It would enhance the value of your presentation.

  14. Great video! But I really would have liked to see the roof in detail. I love the no-nonsense industrial design – So tired of all the Cracker Barrel RVs with wood cabinets and curtain treatments! I'm considering this model or the ATC-3619 for full-time living. ATC: 1. Add three season glass doors to back patio, 2. Add exhaust fan/vent to stove-top 3. Add a little side patio.

  15. This is the most epic RV I've ever seen! All metal, huge fifth wheel, and NO slides?! Awesome multi-use spaces with the back porch too! SWEET! Definitely need that ladder to go all the way up, and way more solar on the roof. Aside from that the only thing missing is a Stargazer skylight, lol. It must cost a small fortune though and I can only imagine the kind of behemoth necessary to tow that mountain. So cool though, thank you for showing it to us.

  16. I have never seen this kind of Rv before. It’s pretty awesome. I like it. It’s different with the cabinetry. But it’s nice. It sleeps a lot of people. I think it’s nice. Not too bad. It has flaws with the ladder. But other than that it’s fine. Thank you Josh for shoeing this one.

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