Tulsa No Prep Kings Great 8!!

No Prep Kings at Tulsa Raceway Park consisted of eight of the fastest no prep kings racers competing for fifteen thousand dollars. In the semi-final we saw the two 405 racers, Lizzy Musi, and Justin Swanstrom. These racers got pass the first round and had a driver’s meeting for the second round with the chip draw. Ryan Martin drew Lizzy Musi and Daddy Dave drew Justin Swanstrom. In the finals we saw a 405 final with Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin. Daddy Dave is still running the procharged beast known as golitah. Ryan Martin drives the procharged camaro that is unstoppable this year winning several events all ready. The stage was set for a great final race between the two 405 racers. Ryan Martin took home the win and the money on the first night of racing at the no prep kings at Tulsa raceway park. Check out all the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. GREAT WEEKEND just dont understand the point its a dangerous sport wat ever-time someone gets hurt or god forsaken they pass no point wat if there are 3 races no point if stuffs up the hole series just saying they have set a bad precedents ? im not shore this is the right way RIP those who passed

  2. 1/8 mile is for 4 cyl. cars , and maybe Jr. Drags , why are these guys scared to run a real drag race ? They don't even go 1,000 ft.

  3. DAVE it be better if you just went on the light instead of losing too your self i know Ryan's fast and unless he has issue he hard too beat that's the only way or just finally get fast then him….

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