Track getting TORN DOWN after this CRAZY race event!

We love Atlanta Dragway! So many memories created here for us on and off camera. Like many of you, we’re sad to see it go. This video is our last time at the drag strip, at the SCT Atlanta event, before it closes and gets torn down. Not only did we document the entire event, we also got to hear some great stories form people that have been going to the strip for years. We hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I been going there since I was 10 and I'm 43 now . There use the be the biggest vw and mins truck shows there. I remember a mini truck called thumper full of subs .

  2. Such a shame it will be housing… all them memories, all that history and families growing up around that track….

    So so so sad to see this happen….
    I hope the owner regrets this decision the rest of their lives….
    This track like many have given people a chance in life not just from the racing side of it either…. this track is so much more that just some tarmac to race on….

    I hope people have a new track to drive at.. as I can see alot of problems coming if not….

    This is a massive thing to take away.

    If only the racing community could have come together to but and keep…

  3. in 5 years they will be like WAA WAAA TAKE IT TO THE TRACK but then theres no tracks so i dont want to hear about it when they close 50% of the tracks.

  4. I wish that I could have been there 😕 My first track that I went to was at Shuffle Town drag strip around 1964. It was then just outside Charlotte. But the city grew out to it and it was forced to shutdown just a few years later. It always sucks when " progress " kills a race track. I have seen it many times in my life.

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