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  1. You have inspired me to start my own channel called REAL street outlaws talk. Love you to be a guest one day well if I make it

  2. 12.000 hp on an un prepped surface will not work, TF only runs to the 1000 ft but they still need to spray the track for the full 1/4 mile for safety,
    They might as well run the NPK cars on a sandy beach on slick's.

  3. Street Outlaws in general don't talk about their times and speeds very much, but I would hazard a guess that the faster NPK cars are running 3.90s at maybe 190 to 200mph. By comparison, a competitive Top Fuel car on a prepped track( using Mike Salinas in the finals at Norwalk) ran a 2.98 at 294mph at the 660. On an unprepped track, who knows. My prediction would be lots of noise and lots of tire smoke, but definitely worth watching.

  4. That's a bad idea. 3 seconds and 300+ mph in a quarter mile and you're already a badass in my eyes and taking a big enough gamble with your life…

  5. They barely hold an NHRA pro series prepped track. I don't know how they'll soften the clutches enough. It doesn't seem like a good idea at all.

  6. I think it would be a bad idea if they were talking about funny cars, but top fuel hmmm, I don’t know it might work. Top fuel uses a 300” wheel base so the car would be fairly easy to drive it would have to be detuned and possibly a gear change because it’s now needing to make full power in 660’ vrs 1,000’. I don’t know there will be a ton of smoke at the start but it could be interesting to watch

  7. No issues at all other than they would just smoke the tires. It would be the same as an NHRA race when they deal with a sub par service, they just tune for it.

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