This RV has a HIDDEN Surprise!! 2022 Tandara 321RL OK

2022 East to West RV Tandara 321RL-OK Fifth Wheel RV with Camp Kitchen and Outside Entertainment!
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I’ve been enjoying East to West’s travel trailers so I wanted to see what sort of things they had to offer in their fifth wheel lineup. Overall the Tandara series feels like another solid entry into the “Smarter Class” segment of fifth wheels with its intelligent “Checks the boxes” approach. But, like most East to West RV this one had a few surprises in store for me!

2022 East to West RV Tandara Fifth Wheel Specs
Hitch 2,040
Empty 10,517
Cargo 3,523
Max 14,040
Length 35′ 4″
Height 13′ 2″
Width 8’0″
Fresh 63gal
Gray 90gal
Black 45gal
Awning 14’0″
Awning 10’6″

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00:00 Tandara 321RL-OK Overview
01:57 Light & Bright Decor
04:15 THE BED Hide-a-Bed. Ever.
05:35 Awesome Entertainment!!
06:42 Carpetless & Dining Setup
09:35 Opening the Kitchen Storage
11:56 Heading to the Bathroom
13:44 Bedroom & W/D Prep
16:01 Road Mode Access
17:28 Tandara Exterior Features
21:29 AWESOME Hidden Feature
23:12 Up on the Roofing
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  1. I don't usually post negative comments on your page, but the amount of surface rust on the frame of this 5th wheel is ridiculous. They need to do a better job at QC.

  2. I think my favorite things about this RV are the bathroom and that Amazing outdoor mini kitchen with bonus surprises downward televator TV 😊😊👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Beautiful RV! I love the colors. I even don't mind the loveseat in place of theatre seats. I would choose a queen bed and a second AC as well as a residential refrigerator. I would upgrade the bathroom fan to maximize the ability to get rid of moisture.

  4. I could do without the 2nd AC, but I would probably get it anyway. I cool my whole house (~1150 ft²) with a single window air conditioner (12k BTU), and it's rare for me to be uncomfortably warm. I cool to 62 overnight, when it's cooler outside and the AC runs more efficiently, and then put it to 72 eco mode during the day unless it's really hot. It takes several hours for the heat to warm up stuff that was chilled overnight.

  5. I love this one. Definitely in the top 5. I would like to see all the Tandaras that you care to show. I appreciate the work you put into making these videos.

  6. Hey Josh, since you have so many brands and models to review, consider including where the model is made, the name of the model’s parent corporation, any difference in warranty. Thanks for what you do.

  7. This one looks very nice overall, and the price range looks appropriate too. My only gripe with this one is that step-up type floor on the range side. I've heard other commenters say it kind of sucks kicking your foot against it all the time, but I'd have to go in one and check it out myself.

  8. Found this channel recently. Really enjoying the content. Do you have a video or plan on making one for best travel trailers for single people? Lol I don’t want anyone else in there with me and it seems like everything is designed with too many occupants in mind.

  9. ι'м ρяєтту ѕυяє ι'νє нєαя∂ тнє иαмє тαи∂αяα вєfσяє… вєιиg тнє иαмє σf σиє σf тнє σffѕρяιиg тσ α иιѕѕαи αℓтιмα ∂яινєя.

  10. Josh, she looks nice. I know that at your there’s never a dull moment, I think that your wife has thought about putting a muzzle on your mouth 🤣🤣🤣, ❤️it when you get those squirrels moments. ❤️your humor & bloopers plus all that you do to make these videos. By the way I keep a pair of sunglasses on the end table beside my recliner while watching your videos on our TV, so I don’t get blinded by the glair from the light from your baldness🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, keep’m coming

  11. I really liked your review of the Tandara. It would be great to get a review of the Ahara and see how it compares/what sets it apart from the Tandara. I love that you have access to so many more RV brands to make these informative, yet entertaining videos.

  12. So as a CPAP user I would prefer to have a small cabinet over the bed to put the CPAP in seeing both my husband and I use them. It's easiest for the hose so that it doesn't wrap around your neck. We currently have a table with ours on it then it comes up and over and thru our headboard to make it none wrapping

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