The Winner of the Mass Exodus Oil Pan is??

Here you go, and watch the next and final video on the Mass Exodus Rods.


  1. 1. Poor casting metal
    2. Pushed past the Limit
    3. Cleetus McFarland drove it the night before.
    4. Someone took off to much metal on Rod . Shadow graphing Rods.
    5. All of above

  2. I'm in canada I have a better chance of getting a blow job from Oprah Winfrey then winning something from you Steve but im subscribed anyways I still say those rods were made with pop can aluminum ingots Chinese import ingots or blocks

  3. Never say never if it pays well you may be blowing up stock ls motors on the dyno for giggles
    Might make a great vid stock ls vs your engine both at at 60 psi and 8 grand have a give away of the ls parts

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