The Vibe I Love To Share! Jamie Runs his Fastest Pass yet!

We are working to qualify out here at fl2k and the energy is second to none! In this episode we share our love our passion and have one amazing time helping and racing with the fastest cars in the country !

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  1. Jamie can drive. Would love to see him in a real beast. Love to line up next to him. I can drive. I got no beast though. Video idea, amateur challenge. I could keep up. I bet me and Brent would be 1,2. Can't say what the order is. We're the same age too. Call me out! I come bearing free cookies (they're good). What about Jamie v. Brent? They both drive.

  2. I love these videos, they all look like they are having a blast. What gets me all the time is the import guys all show up and they look like a team, all in team gear and looking sharp, yet will help anyone out if needed.. Many of the domestic guys have mates/family as team, but not even matching T-shirts..

  3. Would really love to get access to some of these tracks you got playing. Loving the jams. Around the walkthrough with the music playing sets a really good vibe

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  6. I think its pretty awesome the conglomerate of race teams you guys are involved with; PFI, Boosted Boiz, and Cleetus and the entire Freedom Factory crew. You guys seem to be having a blast

  7. Brent this is one of the best videos of anyone who put out a fl2k video out!! The fwd shit makes my hair stand, canโ€™t wait for World Cup finals! We plan on qualifying this time๐Ÿคฃ

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