If you didn’t know this, it will blow your mind. This is a fantastic episode on our Superbird Hellcrate Sema build and a deep dive into the facts behind the move Vanishing Point.

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  1. I believe George was asking for help and not only did y'all not give him any help, y'all cut him out of the rest of the episode. George cared enough to ask for help but you Mark didn't care enough to get him any or you, yourself give him some help.

  2. Yeah but you show favoritism,towards clients,which is understandable but they have to understand that you have more then one client,or maybe your clients should give ya some sort of heads up instead of dropping it on ya at last minute!!!!! If they know these events are coming an they do advertise it,why is it always a last minute decision?????
    I'd rather ya measure twice an cut once!!! Patience!!!!

  3. Never saw Mark give anyone a bonus for good work/long hours, To bad this shop doesn't have an engine dyno to verify some of these high horsepower/torque engines.

  4. I personally hope that Rob builds a performance fully independent rear suspension package to match his front suspension kit, just for those FEMA builds at least

  5. Not all projects take the time you think they will. to get down on hard working employees when you have unrealistic timelines. it’s all on the boss . you’re the boss , if you haven’t figured it right , don’t diss you’re employees if they have done their best work . get a life

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