Told myself last winter that I was going to do a Part 3 on The TRASHLINER when the tree bloomed. This was a blast! I already regret the ending.

0:00 Intro
01:17 Repair Block
03:50 Clean Out Boat / Race Prep
10:48 Start Up / Test Run
15:07 Recycle Old Gas / 2nd Run
22:09 Clean Up Plastic
26:49 Meet WIth @DownstaterADV / Relax Time
29:06 Maint. / Outro

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  1. Plastic: Not a dent in the real problem, you say, but the real problem is people trowing trash – and you're part of the solution. I'm so happy to see you clean up. My family does this, also when we go on vacation. Thailand, Maldives, so much plastic you wouldn't believe me. And when you watch clips from India on youtube, it really feels like our engagement in cleaning up is like a drop in the ocean.

  2. Sad to say that your area is as badly trashed as it is here in California. I don't know what it is with this new generation of people that think it's ok to throw trash anywhere. I truly appreciate your efforts… Thank you. I do the same wherever I go to enjoy nature…

  3. I love your videos of rebuilding and rehabbing old equipment, especially boats. I love mechanics, as a hobby. I would like to buy an old boat one day and fix it up.

  4. Fun vid. Glad to see it went to someone who seems to care. Restoration? I don't think so… The boat is like an artist's canvas. Take it anywhere you want to go. Hopefully he does something cool with it. BTW – Thanks for cleaning up the plastic. Every little bit helps. Micro-plastics is a mostly unforeseen problem in our future. Like the old owl in the1970's TV commercial used to say, "Give a hoot. Don't pollute!"

  5. This might be a dumb question but could you put like a treated plywood in the floor of the boat and then drill holes every few inches or feet after the floor is installed and then add spray foam/ insulation into the holes or is that a ridiculous idea or already a major stupid idea?

  6. All that trash is a shame. It's great that you help to pick it up. I do the sides of my street were I live. It's kind of in the country and people think it's ok to throw their trash out the car window. Drivers me crazy. And I don't see anyone help me pick it up either. Pretty sad really. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great video man looked like you & Jen both got some fun out of the old boat before letting it go, and taking some time to clean up other peoples waste is a great example. People really should learn to police themselves better it takes zero effort in the minute it takes to throw away trash properly vs. the time & effort it takes to clean an entire area.

  8. Are you going to invest some of your hard earned money into the Great Stuff company to replace all of that foam?.lol

  9. In my opinion, bayliners of this period were actually much better than their reputation indicated. They had a good hull shape, were pretty well designed and put together for their target market. A good value for their owners. They were not intended to last a life time. But given reasonable care and treatment, they can do pretty well over all. I often see bayliners from this period for sale in my area and they are still in pretty darn good shape, and if they have been kept dry and under shelter, they have held up well structurally. And being able to run 40 mph with only a 150 horse 4 banger is pretty impressive.

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