The Real Winner from NPK and Justin Swanstrom’s New Car – No Prep News Episode 108

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  1. Great vid SIM!
    N P K for the WIN!
    The gates are open for all to see and hear about how the popularity of NPK is not only showing us the behind-the-scenes view, but also showcasing the grueling schedule, the ups, the downs AND car-builders and their shops!
    It’s a win, win, win, win for all!
    God Bless

  2. I don't understand the hate for almost* any driver, they're all awesome and Justin is my favorite (right now) too.

    *I struggle with liking Chuck though. I have liked him and appreciated his driving skills and how badass his genuine smallblock Chevy is….. HOWEVER Chuck has done SEVERAL things that made him hard to like for me.

  3. WOW, you really have a crush on Swanstrom! I don't get it, for being new to NPK he has no respect for the veterans. If his car ran as fast as he and his father's mouth they may have finished second. I have great admiration for drivers like Ryan Martin, Larry Larson, Scott Taylor, Rich Bruder, and Axeman. They don't need to hear themselves talk, talk, talk and brag. I guess Swanstrom is auditioning for his own Discovery show… That would probably end up like Gas Monkey Garage.

  4. Hey sim I agree my favorite races were Ryan and Justin yeah Ryan's car was a new build but he tested the wheels off that thing nobody tests more then Ryan Justin barely got his car finished in time for the start of npk so most of his testing was on the grudge races I'm sure if they had prenup as long as Ryan had his car it might have been a little different just saying 😉 no disrespect to anyone and not taking nothing from Ryan cause he won for a reason he's that damn good. And to say that Justin has a professional race omg that's crazy thus kid has been racing rvw and other races his dad owns a vac truck business that Justin use to and occasionally works for him by any means are they pros are they good hell yeah they are if they finished 3rd in points. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  5. I'm sorry but, the new nova, is not, a murder nova. It, hasn't, won enough to be a murder nova. It's just a black nova, that S. Ellington drives

  6. I don't know why people all the sudden started crying about guessing the light. It's not a new thing in drag racing. It's not like people haven't been guessing the light since 1958. It comes with it's risks and rewards just like any other tactic. Did the car red light? If the answer is no, then it was a fair race. So people need to quit crying. And if you don't like getting treed then you need to get a practice tree and put in the work. Or just admit you you can't cut a good light combined with your slow. 😆

  7. I love the Swanstrom hatters, the fact that he and the Swangang get them Pissed off makes me smile, not only do that hate him but they will hate you for liking him, I don't like some of the things he does but I know where he came from The Grudge life and that's what they do, he's young and still learning and has grown a lot, I spent a day with him and his crew and family, I just like him, he's determined to win and is working hard to achieve it, he understands the squeaky wheel gets the grease and it looks like it may pay off.

  8. Justin will be flying @NPK in the new car and that 2500lbs. Lexus will murder on the streets that is a fact I don't see anyone on the streets out running prenup period Larry might run close but I doubt it

  9. one of the reasons why i was rooting for swanstrom was the fact he brought a import(body) and was kicking peoples teeth in his first full year at npk

  10. Definitely need that third beam, or a minimum reaction time limit. Guessing the light is a crappy way to lose because you can’t make up a .4 second differential. That being said, Season 5 NPK will be more like a professional race series- with crew members, big rigs and better tracks. I would suspect they become “Pro Stock” lite.

  11. Ugh. @justinswanstrom69 picking a bellybutton car 😖 almost as bad as Scott duplicating Ryan. While we all want to bow down and kiss Lizzy’s ass, remember Birdman also has a 69 Camaro. Justin should have went with a 1968 Dodge Charger is General Lee livery

  12. Sim great show I’m glad you mentioned Justin swanstrom as he brought a lot to the no prep kings he doesn’t care who you are he will bet all you want and doesn’t make a lot of excuses doesn’t play games when it’s time to race made the show better more exciting and pissed a lot of racers off but in the long run we as fans benefit from and either makes the racers try hard or just plain look bad keep up the great work 💪💪

  13. With the npk competition really coming on, do you think Ryan will ever win another NPK Championship OR will Team Fireball blaze through the field again and again??

  14. Personally I don't like to see over the yeas bringing in track racer to street outlaws stuff ,defeats the meaning behind the whole point of what street outlaws came from ,just my thoughts ,after all it came from street racing and limpy,s stuff .cant find any info where swanstrum was a street racer in the beginning ,anyway that's just me I'm a 405 fan ,but would love to see KC maxx ,beater bomb and others come to no prep kings .cant wait to see 187 and monza kicking some but ,especially with monza,s new Chevelle .

  15. excuses excuses Justin Swanstrom car is fast but no way you can say that Swanstrom was the real NPK winner , that is bullshit Ryan won the NPK fear and square take the lost.i am so sick of you people talk a lot of crap take the lost like a man if justin is your star so be it.

  16. This is why I love limpys way of flagging. Stand still, flashlight with the button behind his back. Almost forces the drivers to wait for it. And since it is 'no prep' racing, I think it would be cool to see limpy flag. I understand using the tracks tree, but flashlight is more entertaining i.m.o

  17. Justin is a threat next year he will be better the new car will be bad ass he is my favorite driver because he and his family are working people unlike half of the 405 guys they work for discovery now

  18. Good Stuff! 100% "On Track" and I agree that team Swanstrom brings a much needed touch of rebel challenge to the table!! Big Country has proved to be a top tuner and a flamboyant character that adds much needed levity to the whole program!!

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