The Patriot | 2,500+ WHP Nitrous-Gulping ‘68 Camaro | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

The Patriot is returning to drag racing following a crash during small-tire drag racing at Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings and, today, it is packing a lot more power. The famed small-tire car spent the summer months at Robert Hayes Motorsports getting a major chassis upgrade as well as a Pat Musi 959ci powerplant with four stages of nitrous oxide. Included in the build was swapping over to a FuelTech engine management system for the ultimate in power and control. These major changes meant The Patriot was a perfect fit for FuelTech’s revolutionary Advanced Dyno Training Session.

The Advanced Dyno Training session includes eight hours of one-on-one training, becoming a valuable tool for crew chief Robert Hayes. With the Patriot being capable of swapping across a variety of categories including small-tire No Prep/No Time racing and Pro 275, the team wanted to ensure all systems were ready to rock before hitting the track again. In the end, the Camaro cranked out over 2,500 WHP on just two of the four stages of nitrous. It is a significant upgrade from the previous combination that consisted of a 632ci big-block Chevy with a couple hits of nitrous.

Working with FuelTech’s unrivaled technical support, the Advanced Dyno Session includes data log analysis of the runs and advanced help in creating the ECU maps or troubleshooting issues. Topping it off, FuelTech even throws in a flash drive with professionally curated photography and videos of your experience as well as feeding the group lunch.

Many nitrous-powered racecars are switching to a PowerFT engine management system and it is because of the PRO-Nitrous controls that come standard in all FuelTech ECUs, which includes the FT600 on this racecar, as well as the FT550, FT550 LITE, and FT450.

The PRO-Nitrous function has the ability to control up to 6 stages of nitrous injection, set operation thresholds, offer custom timers and delays, complete ignition timing and fuel control, nitrous bottle pressure compensation, and individual cylinder trim. It is quickly becoming a popular item in the PDRA Pro Nitrous category—that is the eliminator where the quickest and fastest nitrous door slammers in the world throw down.

The PowerFT ECUs are more than just the reliable PRO Nitrous functions, the FT600 engine management system has standard features like sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Boost Controller, and Nitrous Controller. The FT450, FT550, and FT600 ECU units also come with an LCD display and touchscreen, showing real-time data and allowing the user to make adjustments without a PC connection. Additionally, all the PowerFT control units feature AMP SUPERSEAL automotive connectors, accelerometer and gyroscope, and 2 CAN networks.

Not only is the team focused on going fast, they are also very active in supporting veterans through the non-profit Race for Veterans organization. They work with various racing groups to offer discounts and free tickets to veterans for various events across the United States. Their enthusiasm for the organization has spread to other racers as it grows to bring awareness and support to America’s heroes.

From nitrous-powered small-tire action to the highest levels of Pro Nitrous racing, there is a reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere

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  1. Great interview Fuel Tech’s is where it’s at great guys and owners. Patriot is a special team that gives back to vets and are true Americans that love their country. Hope you have more success into the future.

  2. 2500 HP from "only 2 kits" , man, Musi has those big inch nitrous combos figured out. Looks like there was at least one more stage they didn't use! Geez, all that on a small tire… Sir, I salute you!

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