The Old Man vs Billy The Kid STREET RACE! Mustang EXPLODES to Win.


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  1. Roadkill Nights , Damn Billy you all most beet Tom , that is what is up, Man. What a great race. Yall definitely got the falcon on point.!

  2. "She's a Beaut. CLARK" IS THE QUOTE, But good enough to grab the young unused attention Old Man….You are such a tease…lmao. grab em by the balls and squeeze, A1 Auto parts, Jegs, and Uncle's Bob and Jeremy will still be there to save the day after 1 more night of Hoskinson engine carnage and midnight or later street racing fun and frolicking.

  3. The Kid caught you at the light, kaboom (flame out), and as the story goes, you did not lift, hell screw the flames under the hood, bang them gears, and keep the foot down…Moral of the story,, the last thing The Old man saw of Billy the kid's square body tail lights was 30' out, nice flame out kid. Sry, just had to this 1 time Billy…Age and experience wins that battle bro., nice try though, a lil' more way to go!

  4. Ouch, 2 trees stolen by BTK (Bill you are rusty but stout), and Billy got gaptrained a second time by an old decrepit Malibu (his description not mine). Incl. The track pass, The Old man 3, BTK zero, but bulbed him twice of the 3.

  5. Back to the drawing board, he almost matched your light on the 3rd pass, and gaptrained you again, The Old Man 3 (a charm earned), 4 total, and BTK zero.

  6. Wow! He even took down the Shifting master. Call it a night boys, the Old Man has bragging rights tonight 4… zip, the red foxbody Goin down.

  7. I bet you boys know someone who could solve that power valve carb issue of backfiring on the NOS hit….lean on his knowledge hard…lmfao. Bill….you da man bro.

  8. The leaking Nitrous Oxide inside the cab of the car,, allows you to laugh a bunch while losing repeatedly, and getting your teeth pulled, a dual use chemical gas.

  9. I spray a 125 shot into my Bone stock 250,000 mile 4.3 Vortec in a 2001 Xtreme blazer.. also has a 4.10 gear. As you know Tommy, a 4.3 vortec blazer is a dog lol.. but a 4.10 and 125 shot wakes that little 4.3 right up. It Lights up the 275 tire I have on the back on spray. On motor I don’t even get a tire chirp 🤣.

  10. !!!Please read this!!! Had a good friend of mine street race another fellow racer through an overpass like the one Billy was going to go under on the big end and hurt himself . Those concrete pilings just off the side of the road scare me . Please try and not make the overpass the big end, maybe start closer too it. Just my opinion, not being negative, I know you guys understand fully what you are doing. Anything can happen. Love this channel and will watch it forever! S10 for life

  11. Billy you are putting on all the agony but missing all the style. This is why I don’t race autos. Manual is more fun. Just step off the clutch at 10,000 rpm and hold on for the ride. Cool as guys this is what life is all about just having fun. Cain hard guys.

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