THE END OF CHASE IS A RACE – Street Race Talk Episode 346

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  1. I wish people like you would stop trying to change street racing! Its simple really. Show up with your car, wait for a light and get to the other end before the other guy does! Just like the 405 does it every episode!

  2. Honestly I don't see how Shawn is going to win with that donk it's so heavy and it has them big ugly rims which will cause it to come off the line a little slower than the others. If he does get going pretty good I still don't see it winning.

  3. Bit late for this to happen. Chase is a race is for the slower hustlers. Chief again well in front of the show makers, maybe they should have listened to him earlier.

  4. Dang chase is a race is gone big chief was right and look now all that drama for nothing that’s the only way jj and his crew can only win when they know there racing someone fast

  5. I actually like ax man he's all right. I can't stand the team that he's on. JJ can f off he's a punk. Chase is the race is one of the biggest things I hate about JJ. The way I feel about it is is it a race to see who can trick who? Or is it to see who has the fastest car and the best driver.

  6. I would do chase is a race up till the final match up..
    That way you got to show yourself proven with street smarts in being able to sit or chase. Then the final match up race heads up to honestly see who’s faster

  7. I agree they say there the fastest car and they sit when somebody leaves on them and they sit there sorry doesn't make you the fastest ditch chase is a race you leave early that's a loss I don't want to keep watching these chase is a race .

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