The AV Boys "White Cracker" 4 Eye Fox Stops by with The Old Man's Garage for racecar alignment work!

Many of our long time viewers will immediately recognize this 4 eye fox mustang but a lot of people may not know it’s now under new ownership! Tony and Tess (AV Boys and Miss Midnight Maverick) recently purchased this car and immediately started to tear into the upgrades. Since they live on the other half of the country Bill of The Old Man’s Garage brought it over to us to start sorting out an alignment to get this thing ready for testing with the upgrades.

Let’s just say one thing off the start, this thing is a MONSTER. In it’s old form it was easily a low 10 second all motor Mustang and with the upgrades currently on the car it’s getting faster and lighter by the minute. If you don’t know the Grey Mare that Tony has piloted for years … this 410 small block Ford based on a 351 Windsor is about to be FLYING. But as we always say with these, the fastest path between two points is a straight line so time to start getting this thing dialed in.

A LOT of work we do in the shop is suspension and alignment work, from regular daily drivers to lifted trucks to lowered cars or in this case cars with seriously custom suspension and massive suspension travel. Each and every car or truck provides it’s own challenges, and we need to be able to adapt to all of those as we dial a vehicle in. In addition to that when we’re talking race cars, what KIND of racing is it going to be doing will dictate what sort of setup we are looking for. So with all that said, here we go, another race car alignment video!

This is our project first connection with Tony and Tess and we look forward to seeing some amazing success out of them with this car. Massive thank you for trusting us with this recent purchase, we look forward to what’s ahead!

Huge thanks as always to all our subscribers, followers, fans, and customers who have made our business successful and gotten our channel to where it is today. Special thanks to the SRC / Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage / Old Man’s Garage / Junkyard Digs folks for showing such amazing support for us over the past several months. Without all of you we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. We hope you enjoy this one!


  1. It's not EVERY day you get to work on a machine THIS cool and mean but when you do… it's a good day! Can't wait to see what Tony and Tess and the whole team they have here in Ohio behind them can do! Watch out Stick Shift racers these folks have mean Mustangs on BOTH coasts now!

  2. Really cool. It's awesome the effort you guys put in, as you said with a race car you need to know where. Normally alignment goes, "meh, close enough" and send it on it's way. Really enjoyed this one. Haven't heard a proper explanation for wheel alignment like that since my apprenticeship.

  3. I like the way you guys work God job and the best part is it's done right nothing half Assad. I knew Bill used yall for a reason. Your friend from Louisiana Rick 427.

  4. Hope there were people that learned something about alignment. I worked for Bear alignment for 11 years. And was one of 11 people that worked with the Indy cars. We worked with :02 degrees at time’s. Yes you can do alignment, with a strange and plum bob an compass. πŸ™„
    Nice information and work πŸ€™

  5. Just stumbled across this, via the SRC crew. I love seeing someone that’s good at what they do, no matter what it is. I learned how to do alignments 30 years ago on a Hunter Lite-a-line 😁 , and then went on to live a couple years in a pit as alignment specialist for a GoodYear franchise. Been out of it now so long I probably couldn’t even turn your machine on πŸ˜‚. Enjoyed the video πŸ‘

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