Testing on the streets of Las Vegas with Claude, the Camaro, Norma Jean & Team Nola

We made it to Vegas, now time to test and get some good street tune ups for these cars. I’ve got the small tire 3rd Gen, Smoke will be driving Claude for Fastest in America, Lizzy has Norma Jean out here, and we have a solid crew of NOLA hitters out testing! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. nice testing action the black beuty has potential ol claude spray that mfer up gap dem fools martins got a bad ass chevy cant wait to see that race

  2. I ain't going to lie I had a third generation Camaro just like that but Bobby ducati's car looks good and s*** with those rims and The Stance and the damn headers sticking out the side like that that s*** looks good on a small Tire yeah buddy

  3. Everything looking good though cars are running good making it down the track we'll see if it's enough and who's the fastest right

  4. Ok, I’ve always been a “Murder Nova” and “Elco” fan, but…….I have to admit that (omg 👀, I can’t
    admit it’s better) ……
    “Claude Banks” is MAYBE my new favorite car! 🤭🤫

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