Talking With Justin Swanstrom About Street Outlaws, His New Car, NPK, and Street Racing!!!

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  1. I'll tell ya what made me a fan for life of Justin it was when he had that horrible wreak and the very next day he went straight out of the hospital to the track and spent the day in the pits talking with his fans for hours that's the day I became a fan for life of Little Country!

  2. You two guys should keep in touch with each other and talk about how you both can grow your YouTube channels it would be good for both channels I think!

  3. It really gives me hope for the country seeing two young men building their business and working hard for what they want I will be following and supporting both of you guys!

  4. Another Awsome video. Sim in a crisp black shirt giving us a another badass interview . Only have one question to ask. Whos Next? TTVE Cya Next Time.

  5. I had a feeling that Swanstrom was going to be your first interview that we would see. I could tell that you were more comfortable and confidant doing this interview than the first one with Big Chief. Your just going to continue to get better and better. Great job Sim, looking forward to the next. #SimNation #TTVE

  6. Awesome interview, you have to do more of these !!!! you're getting better at doing this. Compared to the one you did with "Big Chief", This one is way more professional and your confidence is night and day. Keep bringing it, brother !

  7. He thought you were going to say Big Chief to take it all and he was going to bet you should have took that that would have made for some good content

  8. Just remembered I seen you crash that was cruel, but looking forward to seeing you back at it good luck justin πŸ‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  9. What an AWESOME get!!! JS is the real deal & think this is the perfect choice for your show & format. Justin may or may not have ADHD in HD lol but it makes for awesome content. He's great for your show & for the sport for SURE. Congratulations again young Man your hard work & passion is paying off.

  10. Justin reminds me of a younger john force, always has an opinion talks a lot and has fun, the opposite of someone like warren johnson/a – hole myself and 3 other guys were waiting to get his autograph at pomona he looked at us and totally blew us off walked right by so we through our poster cards at him and called him a has been, his son kurt was very nice .

  11. Justin seems like a super cool what you see is what you get kinda dude! Sim your interview skills have improved greatly! Great job.

  12. LFA Bro come on man you chose the wrong Lexus. Pretty cool & different. Also he had to to have chose it for some other reasons. The car u choose makes a huge difference

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