Taking Betsy To The Gas Station!

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  1. Sim, you live right by my shop. That’s the BP down the street. Stop by the shop one day, you would love the cars we are building

  2. Thank Sim for taking us a short trip to Gas Station riding with Betsy !. It's so nice to have talk with people about your Ride.
    I think it takes some time the water temp to rise !. TTVE😊

  3. Those fuel cells have a fowm padding in them so the fuel doesn't slosh around ,that's why you can't read them with a stuck because the foam is always wet when you move the car. Just my 2 cents I use to have one like that 20 years ago.

  4. Mornin brother good to see her out and driving. Hey you shod go down to Oklahoma there bringing back the 405 and do the race your way in there going back to regular ol Street cars. Nice to see ya driving her again. Don't usually say any thing but this time the smile on your face said it all lol grab the wheel and hang on brother have a great day.

  5. Most people don't like drum brakes because they ride the brakes therefore overhearing the pads and can't stop and crash but if you know how to drive especially downhills you never have this problem and they outlast rotors

  6. So freakin cool how people come and talk with you.
    Cars are a universal language no matter who you are.
    Get a gas gauge and a windshield!! 😂

  7. YELLING AT YOU !!!!!!!??
    YOUNG MAN…..PUT THAT GAS TANK IN THE TRUNK SO IT WONT TIP OVER AND OPEN ITS VENT !!!! 2 young men seen burned up and suffering in a BURN TREATMENT CENTER is NOT SOMETHING I AND ESPECIALLY YOU wants to see or go through !! It's called tough love !!!

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