Streetoutlaws: The re boot of the original show. Testing with team Jrod and how my team came to be.

I was chosen to pick and assemble a team of racers for the up coming street outlaws season.

The original 405 street outlaws show needed a change, it needed cars that were more relatable to the fan base. So I was extremely glad they decided to go back to their “roots” And wanted me to be involved

They wanted Cars than can be driven to race night, and driven back We where given a loose set of guidelines to follow, and we made our cars fit in as good as we could.

This experience was amazing, from testing until the wee hours of the morning and working our day jobs the next day. I would not have changed a thing that happen along this journey with my team.

I don’t think this will be the last time you see team Jrod 😎


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