Street Outlaws: Purple Rain Goes TWIN TURBO (Randy Williams) (No Prep Kings)

Sup y’all! Check out our newest Street Outlaws (No Prep Kings) video with our newest big tire no prep build, ‘Purple Rain’. This year Randy Williams decided to buy a new race car, a Dodge Challenger. Randy built a complete race chassis & then send it here to HPP Racing to have us build a custom twin turbos from @Precision Turbo & Enginecompleted with a @FuelTech system. We’ll try & post some footage of this car on the dyno & at the track next time so stay tuned!

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  1. Dam got to love the way the doors shut. I have had three different drags cars that I've drag raced over the years I wish I could've had doors on even one of them that shit like that lol You guys do great work and do Texas proud.

  2. Love Love Love this video for sure!!! Your doing great!!! That is one bad ass hot rod!!! Your builds are so impressive. I mean absolutely stunning. Doesn't Randy also drive the blown Duster too?

  3. Straight OG is the best way. Anybody can buy a purpose built race car, but taking a real street car and turning it into a street race car is the only way to go!!

  4. its crazy to see how far you guys have come over the years. when i glance at 1320 videos or street outlaws and see hpp racing….im like that that little shop up in lewisville….that built my saleen mustang in 2005….and drove it out to ranger for me so i could pick it up…you guys had just started. now from 500 hp cobras to 3500 hemis…crazy how things change

  5. Im tryin to start a little build of my own lookin at 96 mustang …. Just lookin for an opinion or so advice. Well it be good to swap a hemi in it ?

  6. The car on the dyno sounded like an 03 04 cobra. lol. I wish this shop was close man. I would love to just drop my cobra off here. But I am not sure if I asked this rcently, are you guys still fabricating twin turbo kits for the 03 cobra?

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