Street outlaws No prep kings Tulsa. Invitationals Round 2 LIVE

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  1. Over 3K views and only 6.. something likes, what is wrong with you people, the guys sitting in 100 degrees heat and you can't even give him a like, WTF 😒😒

  2. If you would shut up so I can hear ill give a like..if you dont no like from me cause your not a announcer please just hush so I can listen to cars not you

  3. Ryan said he was going to give someone else a chance to win since there's no points. Looks like Justin's or Lizzy's car is the one to beat today. Justin's new paint job looks lot's better. Good to see Doc starting to get that car figured out.

  4. I like the live feed, hopefully more tracks will have good service so u can keep doing it. U asked about Shawn Wilhout getting the bounty, I believe he did cause they said no filming SO no points but the cash would be paid for everything

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