Spools Awesome!

It’s time to see if this thing is gonna spool up or not! This tighter stator really should help the car work on the surfaces that are tighter and can hold more power. Should lock up a few percent tighter that should translate to more mph and quicker ET’s when we are racing front of the track. Let’s see if this little motor can spool this thing!


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  1. I would love to know the rules for that, does it matter if the firewall and floor is removed or modified, is there certain classes you try to fit in or is it all just tire size and safety

  2. John, can you flip that transmission mount? Looks like it may work with some minor trimming and maybe a spacer. It don’t look like ground clearance is an issue, but it may…

  3. Love y'all John !! But this no prep racing I feel sucks !! Half the cars are half cars ,no front end on them !!I I mean come on it's car racing ! Not quarter panel racing ! β€οΈπŸ™

  4. I hope that flexplate doesn't grab that diaper during a run 😬😬😬 you just put a small rachet strap around the pan to keep that diaper away from that flexplate

  5. TJ sounds like he's getting serious now…never ever any fun watching other peeps put multiple cars on ya on the big end…the progress will be interesting to watch…subscribe!!!

  6. I got my cool threads on today, got a few compliments too!! What year is your Mustang? I build model cars and was thinking about trying to build one. ✌😎

  7. John I used to use real real long zip ties had to put two together to go around the sump of the oil pan and that kept it tight away from my flywheel

  8. Unfortunately back half/ no prep racing is heading to a rich man's game or someone willing to go deeply in debt just to compete but TJ has found his way around that mess and is still competing its just idk where he goes from here and ill pull for him regardless.

  9. If you ever need an extra hand around the shop , Let me know . I am impressed with your knowledge of race cars from bumper to bumper and would like to volunteer any way I can to ba able to learn more and give a local racer my support

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