Shocking NPK Results – No Prep News Episode 140

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  1. Dominator was flying. took out Odem . I can't wait to see if he can get it to the finals. and Lutz breaking something and catching the car on fire. he spun it out right by the track safety crew.

  2. Sad to see Ryan go out early but great to see dominator do well. Don’t like Cry Kelley. Wish Jeff Lutz would have smoked cry! Happy holiday! We all still miss Chief it is not the same anymore don’t really watch it much now.

  3. Well SIM, definitely gonna call this the Swanstrom show. The only reason he's brought up every week is because you are a huge FAN. And yes you sound VERY NON 405!!!!! Sorry but you did here in this case.

    Just remember where you started bro

    Maybe not to


    F Justin, bad attitude him and his ahole pop!!
    Never a nice word to say about anything or anyone!!!!

    Screw The Crappy Lexus 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

  4. Hey sim happy Father's day to you pops hope he's doing well but man this was definitely a crazy event broken cars going out 1st round Justin winning the great 8 against Ryan that was a great race and dominator putting in work and taking out some heavy hitters how cool was that man super glad for dominator and his crew. Then the finals kye and lutz I think if lutz wouldn't of blown his motor and caught on fire he definitely had the car to win I mean he was in a nail bitter with Justin pretty such that's where he hurt the motor and to run with kye you need everything much respect to kye and his crew and as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve πŸ’ͺ πŸ’―

  5. Tell me this…
    Swanson grenades his shit up twice and your are bitching about setting up your camera and lights? Sim are you getting soft on us???
    Here is a few pionters I saw my wife do when setting up here studio (aka spare bedroom)
    1) set up your light twice one in low light conditions and one in bright light conditions. Then she used color tape to mark feet layout and height.
    2) set up camera and microphones in several location and maked with colored tape.
    3) Now her camera, lights and mics can be ready to go in a few mins!

  6. Ok dude enough of the hate with Mr Martin!! Seems all you care about is your lover justin Swanstrom.. if anything this race allowed only I mean only person to come close to Ryan. Wouldn't you want Kye Kelley go out first round also to help you lover swanstrom to get closer to the top.. Ryan has won 4 of the no prep races this season. He should be leaps and bounds over everyone else if they actually awarded the winner more than 5 points, and having the first race of no prep dont count towards point standings is rediculous.. the talk is not how Ryan is beating all I mean all competition in the majority of races. Instead it's about swanstrom love ❀️ 😍. I see how people like to cheer for the underdog, but I cheer for the people who put in the most time and testing to each and every race they attend.

  7. The problem is that when the show comes out everybody knows who won. YouTube is too powerful and people are making more money then getting paid per episode.

  8. I was kind of surprised but not shocked that the 405's Leader Ryan went out first round and I think he's probably keeping a close eye on The Swan Gang With the New Torque Monster and Kye setting there with him in the points lead.. what I'm going to watch closest for the rest of the year, will be the Swan Gang and how well they start doing now that they've got that screw blower set up figured out pretty quite well and now applying that power to work with the car right because once they do that then he's going to be tough as hell to beat and I also think Justin is going to be a contender for the points this year also and I imagine they're going to test a lot during their month off starting after the Houston race… I think they're having another Lexus built also and if so, then that would be their best choice of car to stick with I would imagine

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