Shadyside Outlaw list race August 4, 2022

Shadyside outlaw list race


  1. A southern woman WILL fight for what she thinks is right! LOL! After 40 years of marriage mine is just now starting to calm down – Just a little bit – LOL! It's so nice to see the Ghost making passes. Man, you are Right/There! Thank goodness there is a sorta easy fix for that last run.

  2. You can tell from nothing more than the burnout that your car is way happier! I'm happy for you because I understand all too well about the frustration of a car that just fights you!
    I know you're getting that thing figured out, so please don't be offended by this, but do you feel like there's a possibility that you have a little more gear than that thing wants now? I've never really agreed with the whole high gear redline when you cross the stripe for a turbo car..
    Then again, I'm an idiot

  3. Am I the only one that missed why the woman is so mad.. what happened?? Just saw the car she was with knocked off the tires and lost.. was that all ???

  4. When you said Nigel is ordering some pizza, I'm like now Sammy has my attention 😄lol. Shadyside dragway & fight club all in one location heck yeah 🤣

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