S10 is Back! New Street Outlaws OG 405 Show | Daddy Dave Racing

You have all heard about the new Street Outlaws OG Show we are shooting and I have a few things up my sleeve, but the S10 is back!

I drop some updates, secrets and we all get back to our roots with the Classic Car Meridian Cruise and Street Rod Nationals. The whole OKC gets together to reminisce, talk about where we came from and the new small tire show.

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  1. I think I'll actually watch the new ones. I honestly haven't watched the show for a while because everything got so far past what someone can build without massive money it wasn't fun to watch anymore.

  2. I live in Michigan and since I was a kid I have been going to the Woodward dream cruise and now there is Roadkill Nights that I go to and make some passes on Woodward for fun and just have a good time.

  3. Would love to see more YouTube videos of the original 405 together including big Chief . Forget Discovery channel . Great to see you Dave with the old Sonoma Alike . 👊

  4. Since the very beginning, you been my favorite OG. You been true daddy Dave street always since the old pinks episode way back when in surprise Arizona 😁

  5. Its good to see you guys back in cars we can all relate to, but it's sad to see Big Chief has bailed on the 405. Ego is a delicate beast.

  6. Glad to see some of the old faces back. Glad to see everyone smiling and having fun with doing what you enjoy without all the drama of finding a 1/10 more every pass

  7. DD, that was the clue; when you started feeling you weren't having fun. And the rest of the world can just suffer if it must so the OG's can quit being what all of us demand and be what they are- good friends, good mechanics and a great afternoon with out the com and the BS that often goes with it. Send us the pics- a full streaming video would get n=in the way of the fun aspects- it takes a lot of work to both make a video and have it make narrative sense. You go, guys! FR

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