Ride along in my CARBED 5.3 LS swapped S10/Sonoma

Sunday afternoon cruise in my carbed ls swapped Sonoma

1994 GMC Sonoma SLS
Stock 02 5.3 lm7 long block
BTR stg 4 truck cam V2
BTR .570 springs
Holley single plane intake
MSD 60143 LS box
625 street demon carb

Fresh rebuilt th350
Stg 2 shift kit
10.5in 3500 stall
TCI fastgate shifter

Stock 373 s10 rear end with mini spool

Shorty LS v8s10 swap headers
dual 2.5 pipe
2 flowermaster super10s

#lsswap #v8s10 #lss10


  1. Sweet ass ride tell me about specs in engine lift on cam I got the summit cam 575 /600 in lift cam with 862 heads love the clip it makes me wanna get mine started

  2. I love this view! Please make lots of cold starts with this view! Every time you start it up, take us with you! Would be awesome to see a cold start blog of the carbed LS to see how it behaves as the weather turns

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