Possible Changes to No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 110

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  1. Hasn't the title of the show (outlaws) in it……. outlaws don't play to the same rules as everyone else and are looking to get away with something. So I think guess the light is fine 100% for Streetoutlaws NPK. TTVE ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿค™

  2. I know the current cu/in king is i think a 1005, that may have changed by now. But I know it was a Sonny Leonard engine. Pretty sure neither Doc or Kye Kelly have gotten bigger, That would be a fricken expensive engine.
    As far as the light's, It's called reaction times for a reason. Any change would takes away from the driver aspect
    As far as a change i want to see, drop the zoomies for SC and Nitrous cars. Zoomies are a proven exhayse for drag tacing, because it provides a boost to traction by adding a Manufactured (other than offered by the spoilers) downforce. using the exhaust has been used by top fuel for ages, current figures is can provide up to 3,000 pounds of force onto the wheels. True that is 10,000-11,000HP how can that help the NPK guys? Simple, these cars are making at least 3-4K on most tracks, may not be as much, but any added traction in a low traction track is a Godsend. Normally i don't like restrictions, I hate the current state of NASCAR and NHRA Pro Stock as basically spec classes over tech pushing classes. But by allowing an option for increased downforce (Zoomies), WHILE also offering a boost in the form of weight breaks (Nitrous and SC). You'll end up with Pro Stock all over again, Cookie cutter Hemi-SC cars with only the body being any diversity available. What was it Phantom said about the OG Murder Nova? "If you can't beat them, join them." That's going to be a strictly street car, from what I've heard, but if it works, expect then to swap the new MN to a sc on the small block and see what happens. Put everyone on two 5" stovepipes and see which combo is actually better, I bet it'll be drastically different

  3. I agree with the race your way in because it mixes the field up. Which keeps it interesting and give's other drivers a reason to fight for a spot every week. Or for the drivers that don't make it have a race for those that don't make it also which should be for money also which would be pretty awesome to see

  4. Sim for the most part I agree with what your saying. Except
    For the same 32 guys staying the same all the time. I want
    Stevie Fast Jackson and any other NHRA guys to be able to race there way in if they build cars to race in NPK. That's the best thing for the health of drag

  5. He sim keep bringing them fire videos.Not sure if Ryan will switch Tranny's he's likes that R.trans and so does the 405. As far as monza the chevelle is and awesome choice the good it's not a camaro and the only thing is he's giving away the aerodynamics part of it but it's definitely going to be one sweet ride can't wait to see it. I think there should be some changes idk maybe weight and possibly like you said add that extra option for the rear tire Cracking for those who think guessing is wrong so they won't be butt hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰ . And my man you were on point as always did you see the video 187 customs put out on the procharged o.g.murder nova it looks awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ well overdue. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve ๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  6. As for the jump issue; step up or shut up. If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch.
    When it comes to the 32 car field; why not invite 40 cars then let them qualify and take the top 32 each event. Then you get some diversity and everyone has to 'race their way in' in one form. Oh and as for teams, well they 405 needs to step up big time because except for Ryan they were MIA from the top ten. Not real impressive guys. Sim; keep up the great show, enjoying it.

  7. Sim, I'm sure you heard about Phantom talking shit about you saying the Murder Nova was going to a Procharger, I mean it wasn't like they told you about it and said to keep it a secret, it was a guess from seeing some pictures of what at the time may have been the real car, like did they think no one was going to watch their video because of what you said, I thought it was childish of him to say it, people have been saying he was going to Procharger for months.๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    You did nothing wrong in my eyes.

  8. Ryan will never go Screw Blown. If he wanted the easy way out because if weight he would just go Nitrous because they are the lightest cars.

  9. When Ryan has people getting close to beating him he changes his set up Justin and Kye scared him so Ryan going new hemi and the same trans Justin has because he knows Justin has his number look for Justin to really be a threat next year

  10. Ryanโ€™s playing is smart. He pulled everything out of the car heโ€™s gonna wait for the rules to come out. Then heโ€™s gonna decide what set up to run. This way they canโ€™t enforce rules to make a harder on him.

  11. I think this year proved that you have to build a new car to the rules to compete at the highest level at no prep. Therefore only the most financially gifted racers will have a chance

  12. I believe that they should have a list of 42+ drivers who can race for the championship. You can still have you race your way in. They have a big tire outlaw class that drives who didn't make the show and went out first round can enter and win 10K. What they should do is get rid of the future outlaw class. Have them part of the big tire outlaw class. They could use the big tire outlaw class as alternate drivers. Give them something if they win say 10 points towards the main show and 5 more for runner up. Top 28 in points make the show last 4 come from a run off (qualify) . That way if a driver is like 5 points from being in the top 25 and we're to win the big tire outlaw class it would give them enough points to get back in. Because if you have a fast car and your on the bubble and you run Ryan first round you can't get points and next week you have to race your way in but you happen to go against a heavy hitter who has missed a few races. You may never get a chance to move up in points.

  13. I don't know why Monza would cut up an old car. They all have pro mod chassis's with steel roof, and quarters. Which I would think Monza is doing the same as everyone else. All you need from the old car is the Vin number which is the dash panel. All the other panels you can buy aftermarket replacement panels and they are lighter than original. Even Chief agrees with building a car this was he said it in his last video. But we were building race car years ago with the same concept, muscle cars are worth more not cut up.

  14. i think while on the rules and possible changesโ€ฆ i donโ€™t think having a replacement car should be allowed as well. like when Lizzy smashed up her car, the next race she had the old car there running that? what do you think about this?

  15. Really the only change I want to see is the tree. If we did that where we race we would go Red. I don't agree with weight changing on the Procharger cars. NHRA back in the late 1970's put weight change on Pro Stock Car by C.I but it didn't work. Helf the Pro Stock Drivers whent to a IHRA for a couple of years. Into NHRA change the rules in the early 1980's.

  16. No problem in guessing the lite, it is a gamble, Win some, lose some. Really enjoy race your way in. The team event is ok, but the purse is really up to the winner.

  17. About those Liberty transmissions, Johnny Quick has one also.
    The same 32 cars?
    Not feasable. Traveling is brutal. Not everyone can or wants to. I like the race your way in concept. Especially if you are the local "numero uno". If you are that guy, and you are that good, why shouldn't you have that shot? Drag racing is a fan supported pursuit. If the locals come to support thier local star, it is good for the event.
    Teams? Eh. Manufactured drama.
    Although, the "team attack" is basically testing with a purse. Running your stuff all out takes it's toll on consumables (valvesprings, tires, etc.) so any additional loot is a nice bonus.
    There you have it.
    Take care

  18. I couldn't agree more on the 32 set driver list,every event. Set a rule where any contractual driver, who skips any event. They will be docked a certain set of points, from their over point total, at the end of series. Especially knowing if you win 2, or 3 events, you're in the running to win a championship. That pt, deduction could burn ya in the end. For any driver who does end up skipping. Throw a bye in the chip bag.

  19. I have said it once and will say it again. NO PREP KINGS WILL DIE AS A VICTIM OF IT'S OWN SUCCESS
    NPK has become an Arms Race and not even close to relatable. Everyone chases the next big thing every year and the enormous prices of equipment make fans care even less. Same as the death of NASCAR. I wonder if they even know how many fans they are losing to Small Tire racing ? I would much rather watch 28-10.5 No Prep with guys running over the counter setups and near stock available parts for the 'every man'. Rich people don't make fans care any more. We don't want to hear about $250,000 1st world problems.

  20. Justin Swanstrom ran a 997ci Reher-Morrison but that was the biggest ci engine im aware of that ran in in NPK although Sonny's offered a 1,005ci engine but I'm not aware of anyone ever campaigning one…

  21. As an aside to my previous statement, GM needs to get it's ass in gear and sponsor an LSx Race Series where EVERY competitor runs a GM LSx Race Block, then fill it with whatever you want, boost it with whatever you want, then create weight restrictions for each based on Cubes and Power Adders. I would MUCH rather watch a series like this than NPK and ProLine Hemis worth more than most people homes.

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