Piedmont Dragway, Small Block Boost Randy’s Test Pass

Piedmont dragway, small block boost test Pass!


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  1. Gotta be careful on the hit, Randy’s car has more power than your Mustang. I’m happy to see him say f’it and run it out the back door! 👍👍👍

  2. Once you guys get the bias right you’ll be movin! Look at that pass after it spun!

    Maybe y’all should call a few friends or ask for some help on the suspension setup

  3. Do yall ever line upoutside the groove into the glue. Had a car that was a little heavier side and once i started lining up outside the groove sometimes all the way outside the groove into the glue were nobody has race and it would go down almost everytime. We usually always line up a little outside the groove into the glue unless they just prepped the track right before we run we will lineup half in the tracks and half in the glue

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