Outlaw Armageddon and The Second Half of NPK – No Prep News Episode 94

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  1. If there was a 660 ft championship for broadcasting/presenting, SIM would be back-to-back-to-back champ! “He Fast!”
    Keep doing you SIM!
    God Bless

  2. Dude as a slow listening southerner I've got to put my hearing in overdrive to catch all of what you have to say. Lol. Thanks for the update Sim, you da bom dot com

  3. Don’t slow down for me! It’s hard to slow down when you have enthusiasm! The turn out this weekend was unbelievable. Sorry you couldn’t come.

  4. First time my comment got attention from the creator lmao that was cool. I've been watching for quite awhile now and I literally felt like the last episode was the fastest I've heard you talk haha but its probably just me so keep doing you man ill keep watching🤙(don't change what defines you:) as long as ya know, its a positive thing)

  5. Simm, great video today 👌
    1) Kayla was not racing of late because of rebuilding her 502 Hemi for her car.
    2) Kayla wrote on her Instagram account that she was back for the next 6 races. NPK ? That is what I took from the post I read today.
    3) Have to go with Ryan Martin for the win! With the Corvette on his heals, 2nd or 3rd place.
    4) "Go Girl" is the new Discovery show(Street Outlaws) for all girls racing. I like to see you do a video on it with some more details.

  6. Hey sim great stuff dude I think this is Ryan m 3 win at Armageddon it's badass when you take 2 cars out and get w . Hey sim did you check out 187 that just put a new video out showing the o.g. murder nova old Chassis and showed the updates on the 55 . I would really like to see the finals with Justin and Ryan hopefully Justin wins just saying 😉 as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  7. I think as one of foreign Fan , You don't need to change the way you talk. I like you just the way you are !
    I hope 187 Customs solve all of their problems and win the Race ! TTVE

  8. Ryan Martin will win NPK. Having to go rounds every weekend and push your car to the limit every race, i don't know who has the program and resources to compete eith him for that many races.

  9. Justin may pull out the win but I think since his car was literally finished few days b4 the 1st race that he may need to line that car out even though he’s doin great! I don’t mind if Ryan takes it all either and he’s got his car all lines out already, both cars

  10. As a lazy speaking Aussie, it's only the very end when you're doing your plugs that I'm like "holy crap how does he speak that fast"

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