Our most ELABORATE Project on the Channel yet..

I’ve always wanted to do this out of of our XB, or in it I should say..

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  1. The rotating passenger would require you to remove the center console. You could build a small hinged board to come off the cabinet for a outer countertop for cooking or sitting outside. Then the bottom of the cabinet could be your water source and give you a full desktop. Love the idea of the magnetic doors to keep it from flapping. Love this idea of a mobile studio.

  2. Yo pham love the idea πŸ’‘…. ey if you were to remove the black plastic side panels definitely have you some more room for activities πŸ˜‰……..and don't forget to upgrade your electrical πŸ‘

  3. #vanlife build was not on my bingo card for direction the XB was going to take, but it's going to be an interesting build. I'm not sure a swivel base for the passenger seat would work though, as those tend to add a lot of extra height, and you might not have enough side to side space for the seat to actually rotate and clear the center console and door card.

    It's probably been mentioned, but Japanese youtuber "Dentan" car camps in I believe a Suzuki Spacia, and his solution for getting additional legroom when sleeping was to just remove the passenger seat altogether and replace it with a removable platform (which would allow for extra storage underneath. Not sure how feasible it would be for you if you have to spontaneously carry a passenger though, but it's not like the seat would take that long to put back in if you need to.

  4. Definitely meet up with Mav once it’s done. You guys are both chill and down to earth. Love the idea. Side note, for the futon/couch you can have a longways slide out drawer/table that works as storage and an exterior cooking or whatever space. Can’t wait!

  5. I love the idea. My suggestion is lift it up. Maybe stock height or little higher. A little big tires. And for the interior. Make it spacious.

  6. Hows it going Birdy. Let me help your spirt B grow by sending positive vibes. Your first video I watched of you was about HAIR and through the years in school for some reason that video stuck with me. I always wondered what happened to that kid that inspired me at at time in life with Hair? Lol
    Fastforward look at you now bro. I don't know how I didn't come upon your channel with Cars until now? You are still inspiring with the same energy and charisma! You should be very proud of yourself and words of advise enjoy the ride. Coming from a fan now Married with kids and no time…
    Oh and your in Canada too. Keep the f'ing penut butter bcuz im very Jelly πŸ™‚

  7. Anything that you do just remember you have to take it out to be able to get into your back suspension I have a couple scion xB and bB myself but most of them are all car shows VIP status but really hope you can make your dreams come true

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