Nothing but Bad News for Street Outlaws

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  1. Karmas a bitch when u take away the best part of the show it will go to shit and that is what we are about to see there poor choices coming full circle

  2. Here something…..Show Endgame. Take all the cars and line them up. Unbutton the doors, hoods trunks and give a close up. Kinda like going to a car the car shows. Interview the builder and as he's talking pan the car slowly and move on to the next. I'd like to see them like that.

  3. Um hello they been crashing since day one big daddy don Garlitz Kenny Bernstein, Bob Glidden, Shirley Muldowney, John force they all crashed bad it’s what they sign up for and what comes with the sport. This isn’t anything new

  4. What about your boy Justin Swanstrom winning last week's race? With all the bad luck they've had this season to pull it out in the altitude isn't supposed to be I his favor. And he wins. We have to always look for the good,while praying for the unfortunate incidents. Heart breaking yes, but we as them the racers keep going.

  5. Too much power for the type of racing. When street outlaws started nobody had a clue it would become as huge as it is. Mix the popularity with the danger factor and all hell breaks loose in the culture.

  6. It's racing. People get killed sometimes. It comes with the territory. Drivers are well aware of this. Every time they strap into that car they know it could be their last pass. It is what it is. My condolences to their friends and family. It sux. But it's part of it. God bless us all.

  7. When cars leave there should be big fire truck that are middle ready to go not they crash everyone on the line goin who crashed or running no truck should be running ready to go

  8. personally i think it's seen its hay day with all the recent drama and such like and the shit viewing figures maybe its the end as we know it tv is a thing of he past youtube is wear its at screw discovery and pilgrim enough with there dictatorship

  9. I think maybe drivers and the people behind them are pushing the power button a little too hard, maybe they are getting too fast

  10. Hi Sim, Mike Kramer here from Fleetwood Pa, great video's and updated news. I just was wondering if these racers have a system that if fire happens it automaticly goes off inside the car? Maybe they do, but after seeing JJ's wreck with his wife, it seems that on their video's they go testing with out fire suits or gloves, even when they give rides in old heavy, no suit or gloves on, just surprising me after such a terrible wreck and injuries they went through! Thoughts and prayers to all the families who have been with a loss or injuries of some type in racing!!!🙏🙏🙏

  11. It's part of the beast 3000 4000 hp and nobody thinks nothing going to happen rip to those who we have lost street outlaws race on and stay safe 👍🇺🇸😎

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