No Prep Kings Wreck and Drama – No Prep News Episode 93

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  1. I would have thought Kye Kelley was one of the main cast members. I’m sure just as many people show up to watch Kye race as the 405. Also they have drivers coming from all over the country who have work on their cars Day and night to get ready for next week if somebody wants to show up on Thursday a day early to get some rest.Some of these guys drive upwards of 1200 miles to show up on Friday and race Friday night.

  2. Happy Birthday Liam!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚
    Sim I am not sure what happened with Joe Zopler but. I believe No Prep Kings powers to be don’t want him racing for whatever reason, maybe because their afraid he has a fast car.

  3. Joe needs to remember they call it an INVITATIONAL ! If you were not invited , chances are you are Not Getting In ! Just because you are on TV and got a cool Race Car doesn't mean you can just show up and race !

  4. SIM, have u seen any videos of of the black bird vega wreck? IV seen a lot of people saying Shane wrecked his new car but I cant find any videos. Only video IV seen is when he was racing chief and wrecked,but that was a couple yrs ago. Please let me know.,thanks.

  5. Hey sim ! Hey man I hear through THE grapevine, its liams 12th birthday ? Happy happy birthday ! LIAM from the S.L.C 801. Have a blessed birthday young man.

  6. Joe's reaction was 100 percent real. There was also no one behind him, he was the last rig in line. They " closed " up so they could leave. The owner of the track called him personally, and apologized. One of the promoters was beyond professional, trying to attack Joe. His biggest issue was the 20 or so cars that are not " TV " cars. He could have called Dom or Doc at the gate, it was the principal.

  7. Happy birthday Liam you and your brother are we really great people your parents did a great job raising the both of you again happy birthday.

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