NO PREP KINGS Meets The Getaway Driver Truck Brooklyn Dodger Drag Racing the LS Swapped Mopar

What an AMAZING weekend. After needing a little convincing from my buddy Don Will (No Prep Travelers) I decided to head up north to NPK and try my luck. The truck has NEVER been raced before as it wasn’t really built to be a race truck. I through everything out the window, slapped the truck together, and sprayed some nitrous. The Brooklyn Dodger really surprised me and its evident that this thing can be more than just a #GetawayDriver truck…

Shoutout to CPaulshock Photography for the thumbnail!

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  2. With a little more love the Brooklyn Dodger will be wearing out alot of the big boys, love the truck, good luck to you and your team brother

  3. Congrats Matt …nice footage of no prep kings. It was nice to see my brother in your vid. He was the only Hispanic of the crowd, standing next to the bucket. I've been following your nova build for a little while.

  4. At the end of the day it’s all about having fun.. I like the truck and I got faith you guys will get a handle on it and make some killer passes thanks for shareing

  5. One motors lt4 dodge ho v10 viper twin turbo châssis courses toutes refaite comme dans fast and furious leur caisse sont classe et il parie leur carte grise sur des mopar et camaro yenco

  6. Se serait le mien j econnomisserait jusqu'à tant d avoir un châssis sur mesure et je lui montrer soit le lt4 dodge twin turbo et kit nos soit un v10 viper twin turbo et kit nos et la adios amigos un v10 peux donner jusqu a 2400 ch sans problème mais bon faut tout renforcer en forger et titane pour les bielles

  7. Yeah that trans is not sounding healthy at all! Not wanting to go into 2nd at all! Oh, just seen this was a month ago, hopefully you got that trans deal fixed by now!
    But I know all to well it all takes money!

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