No Prep Kings Brainerd Future Outlaws! WE MADE IT, Then things TOOK A TURN….. LITERALLY!.!.

Our 2 week Thrash to make the Minnesota Stop for No Prep Kings in our hometown of Brainerd MN has prevailed! We make it to No Prep Kings, and we even get a few grudge races in Friday Night! Saturday we had first round of eliminations, and thats where my plans changed, REALLY QUICK!

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  1. Great video Greg! You're always preaching importance of safety equipment and this video proves how important it actually is. Without safety gear this run could've had a different outcome. Glad you're ok! Great job Bad Influence Team!

  2. I seen the piece come rolling off. I get it, could have should have would have but it takes 2 secs for the guy that clearly seen it rolling from your car to say hey wait a second.. He should have atleast double checked their own car.. love when you announce so we will see you 4th of July weekend hopefully.

  3. Goddamn bro !!
    Sorry man, my glade your okay and safe 🙏
    Keep your head up and you know you have a lot of friends around to help get you back up and going✌️😉

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