Night Cruise and Street Testing

We originally planned to go to a meet but once we got to the spot it was interrupted by a shooting so we decided to head to a local dig spot to test.

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My Foxbody
-1986 Foxbody Mustang GT
-1971 351 Windsor bored and stroked to a 410 Built by CAMS
-9.5 deck
-Compression ratio 11.5 – 1
-600hp on E85
-220 AFR Heads Sponsored by Lucore Automotive
-TKO 2 faceplated manual Transmission
-Spec Stage 3 Plus clutch
-Bogart wheels


Videos filmed with the help of Street Racing Channel & Sonya using a Canon T5i, GoPro 9, DJI Mini & an iPhone


  1. Have you tried backing up, shifting info 1st, reving hard and poping the clutch… If it van do burn-out with those tires on stick shift… it should do them in that case. Weight of the moving car rearwards and suprising the momentum with the poping clutch forward should brake them loose… Even underpowered cars can do them in that case. Let me know if it helps 😉 Advice from Europe, stick shift is just about all we drive here… But I love my Tahoe and US v8 power!! 😀

  2. I'm so digging that she is gobbling up any and all info available. She so wants to learn. A total zombie at the end of the video. Get some sleep…

  3. Come Bakersfield ca, my girl will drag the front bumper off that white car stick shift 8.2 deck ready 5spd fox, bring that s10 and all your YouTube, we have roads🇺🇸

  4. I knew it. We've been seeing the burnout marks, and the tape around the light poles to hold cameras on that road for a couple years now, and I've been curious to know if you guys were a part of the group hitting that strip lol. I work at 1758 ( I don't want to say the name and give away the location 👍). Another great video, and lay down some more rubber for me to look at and to envy.

  5. This gal gonna lose. Cant drive at all. Has nothing at all. Be gone!!!!! I'm tired of the damn vids popping up over what I wanna see cause you got blonde hair. Nobody cares

  6. If you ever get serious about street racing for big money 💰 and you have learned how to street race I might let you take my Procharger out in my 67 Chevy duce and you can go 200 mph in a eighth

  7. Listen to Foreigner song rev on the red line when pulling up to race rev to about 2500 rpm’s side step the clutch floor the gas pedal ✌️peace out

  8. Mustangs are cute but so many better built cars that are not in every other driveway. Not sure why you need your phone on the window the gauge is right in front of you where Ford installed it in 85 . Keep your foot into it and try to keep up .

  9. You're doing good driving that transmission. Half the people commenting probably can't even out shift my grandmother. I almost thought that trans sounded faceplated though. If that clutch is anything like my king Cobra clutch, I feel for that left knee lol..

  10. You need line lock but until you get that just put your right foot flat on the go pedal and the brake pedal n kick that clutch

  11. Just started following u , & ur a star , luv it all very impressed & talented, u go girl & always be urself . Never go wrong , following ur dreams & goals !!!!

  12. U hit the Nail on the Head ! I can do a Burn- Out N a Corvette !!!! Luvd it . Quote of the Year . Yep-er . A Corvette, Bow-Tie . Supporting and owner !!!!! Keep on sending it , & always give get the Juice … lol .. keep em Burning !!!!!!

  13. I'll tell you what. For someone who just started racing stick. You are doing better then almost any girl I know and better then most of my friends. I watch your channel the old man's and Billy's. You guys keep at it. I enjoy watching you tearing shit up. Lol

  14. What's going on Molly we haven't seen a lot of videos from you are you and Billy still together we're wondering cuz we don't see you that much like to see more of you and Billy God bless you both

  15. She is extremely overrated. All of you thirsty dudes need to get out more… And she can't drive for shit.

    "She says she can't hear it". Bulllllshit…If she couldn't hear it she'd stop being so annoying and revving it up every 2 seconds when it's not between shifts if that's how the clutch behaves best.

    She has zero clue what she's talking about. She can hear that loud car, she just has no "feel" for it at all. The other dude got it the first time he made a hit. She's a poser, 100%.

    It makes her more unattractive because she thinks she's so attractive. I have to beg and plead with my girl to let me take pics of her with her car or whatever. And she puts "Sally" to shame. She must be decent in the sack.

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