New Wheels for SECRET PROJECT! RC Components tour with Jeff Lutz | Daddy Dave Racing

Talk about an incredible experience! I had to opportunity to head over to my sponsor RC Components to meet the entire team, do a tour of their amazing facility and see first hand how my new wheels for my secret project car are actually made.

I guarantee you will really enjoy this, I never get the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the blood, sweat, tears, and technology that go into making components I put on my race cars. This was so cool!

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  1. very cool thank you for sharing it a lot of us don't even see places like this or would like to see places like this so thank you for a little education for today have a great day and God bless

  2. Cool experience…….. Thanks for sharing with us . 👍 Nice to see "Made in USA " by Americans in action…….. Our country needs more of this going on in all fields

  3. That's to cool!! It's unbelievable how you can take something from your imagination & turn it into basically a piece of art in such a short period of time. The craftsmanship is outstanding! I love the fact that they're still using a human to do the final welding. To me that's art in how the welds look when done correctly! I really liked how they were making 2 completely different parts for 2 different types of vehicles from 1 blank. Thanks for the tour!

  4. I got RC Components on my van shorty van. You can check them out on my channel. Wheels are so sick. Pretty cool to see how they were made. 👍

  5. That is Sweet how the wheels are made its like back in the day watching reading rainbow 🌈 show when they used to show inside the crayon factory💯👍🤜🤛

  6. I think it's cool that you just show up and they give you a tour and then make your wheels while you wait so you can take them with you and they feed you lunch on top of it you can't get no better than that and anyone that thinks about getting on social media and bashing RC COMP is just jealous that they don't have it like that and Dave and Jeff isn't the only two that I've seen RC COMP treat like that @Demonology got to do the same thing but also like Dave he had already ordered his wheels and he just went there to pick them up and get the tour and they put the name of his car on the beadlock ring for him but again they said they do that for anybody that wants it done

  7. Dave FIRST I would never bash RC COMPONENTS a place that EMPLOYEE REAL PEOPLE and a company in my home state about 64 miles east corbin ky were I'm born & raised CORBIN THE BIRTH PLACE OF KFC and CUMBERLAND FALLS THE LARGEST FALLS SOUTH OF NIAGARA also 2 falls in the world that has a MOON BOW once a year at the right time at night can see a rainbow at night over the falls anyway daddy dave thanks u for buying part's from my home State O YEAH U HAVE TOO CHECK OUT CORVETTE MUSEUM AND MAMMOTH CAVE WHEN U R IN BOWLING GREEN

  8. Can't ever bash someone for helping people out. Especially when you're a long time customer. I'd like to see Dave winning consistently again. Good luck.

  9. Hell ya,,,made in the U.S.A. by a man..not a robot,,,,back in the day,,that man was my dad,, there was nothing he couldn't fix or at least repair,,,this video was awesome,,,,real people,,real life shit,,,

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