New Street Outlaws Video Game and The Spoiler Situation – Street Race Talk Episode 293

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  1. On one hand, if I was Discovery, I'd be upset and do whatever I could to enforce confidentiality (it's easy to see who is posting videos, after all) and issue cease/desist letters.

    From a fan and general legality perspective it's a public place and public race and I certainly don't think people like No Prep Fam and others have any malicious intent. Although they're definitely monetizing, but it's still "kinda" their own intellectual property/production and not like they're leaking Discovery tapes, etc.

    It's a tough one. I agree that 90% are casual fans and even though I watch No Prep Fam videos, the production value of what Discovery puts out will far exceed any youtubers uploads.

    Keep it up Sim!

  2. I don't mind the spoilers and I still watch the show . Also been to a few npk races.
    Can't get enough. You are my only person I follow who is not a racer from street outlaws

  3. Great video SIM.
    As for people posting stuff that happens at events immediately, Chief is right, and I feel that due to technology, social media, etc.. that it is going to continue to happen and it will be hard for networks to avoid that – what are they gonna do, fine people? Send out search parties, or create policing for this? I don’t know but, there are always gonna be people out there that will do it.
    God Bless

  4. Pro Series Drag Racing is my favorite online game for drag racing. You’re the one that turned me on to the online drag racing a few months ago, I really enjoy it.

  5. Simm, I don't mind the videos that come out on NPK racing/ winners.
    I don't think people will remember who won which race when NPK starts airing.
    What I don't want is someone spoiling who wins the points race at the end!
    In all I think it can boost ratings and be good for all.

  6. I know that Justin swanstrom has been posting results of every event that he's been in I think it's kind of biting the hand that feeds you then trying to profit off of the gray area but at the same time it does ruin it for the people like Us who love the show and like Sim stated a lot of producers cameraman etc put a lot of hard work into the show and it's just not the same when you know the results going into it not trying I'm trying to throw swan gang under the bus it's very well known and I'm quite surprised that discovery hasn't caught on yet

  7. Last ame was tereible.. should be able to race for pinks and build your own cara. Tune.. the details in the game sucked dix….. u can beat it in 2 hours wtf..

  8. NPK are public events that they charge money for people to attend. As long as that's the case, people will video and post. If they don't want that to happen, then hold NPK on a blocked off street like 405 or MSO shows and don't allow the public. Wait, then they won't get gate money. They can't have cake and eat it it too.

  9. Sorry Sim 6 minutes into this video and I had to stop listening and sighn off… you talk entirely way too fast, try slowing down a little bit you get on a roll and I can't even understand what you are saying

  10. I don't think they cut Hercules out. They film the show and I believe they piece together the footage they want to use and then do the interviews after. They most likely couldn't get Hercules back for the interview after the falling out.

  11. They can't open an event to the public and expect secrecy. Unless they had binding contracts when you buy tickets I don't think they can do anything about it. I doubt they can stop NPK spoilers. The street show is a closed set they can control but NPK seems impossible to pull the reigns on.

  12. I think that everyone will watch NPK on tv. Fans are buying tickets and seeing it live, and I bet they watch the show. I want to watch it even if I know the outcome. As far as the MSO show, I really like Chief and Jackie on the show!TTVE!!!

  13. I understand what chief is saying about the spoilers, but it has ZERO affect on the national televised show. We are get LULed into this "hardcore" fan mentality… Only a very small number of us follow the "real time" standings and winnings… I mean look at the likes and views on these videos being posted from the no prep kings series from the very channels in question… 10k at most? 10k people when there are MILLIONS of americans who tune in… the average every day "fan" isnt affected and this entire "spoiler" bs needs to chill… HOW EVER I see how it can hurt if it does get out of hand with hundreds of thousands of people being shown ahead of time… Personally I see it not having an affect on the TV shows numbers… we are a small nitche group a fraction… Call us the C19 of illnesses… Small numbers ish

  14. NPK spoilers I see both sides, but social Media and streaming in general are becoming popular to where it’s becoming harder an harder not to avoid it. It’s like how it’s finding out the results of the olympics before it airs. Unless your living under a rock it’s hard to avoid. So if it’s a public event it probably be better off live than something that’s produced.

  15. Like I said on Chief and Jackie's live stream, by the time it airs I'll have forgotten what happened. Plus we'll get all of the meat and potatoes with the show.

  16. Just my opinion but I'd rather watch somthing when it happens within a day or so rather than wait 6 months before it airs on tv. Tv tries to dramatize everything plus there is no behind the scenes. It's nice to be able know how and why somebody didn't make a race or finish a particular race also. It's nice to get that insight from racers directly rather than have scenes chopped up and make it all look more dramatized than it realy is. You tubers may not have what the big production crews have with camera equipment or $$$ but between most of the youtubers channels you get way more info that is relevant than any production crew will give.

  17. Its sad to see Hercules getting cut out. I hope the Street Outlaws franchise is better then that. I dont mind spoilers. I'll always watch the street outlaw series.
    TTVE Always! 💥💥✊🏼✊🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  18. Kind of sucks to see you putting down a game that you haven't played and no nothing about.. that seems kind of odd, it's almost like you are turning people away from a game and taking money out of these guys pockets.. considering that Midwest street cars shows you love and helps you out.. I would tread lightly

  19. They need to figure out how to do "Street Outlaws Live" (ish) having a delay so they can edit on the fly…giving it a sort of Live PD feel in terms of production….numerous cameras and cameramen covering the action….this would eliminate the internet leakage and make it even cooler in the process….imho

  20. I enjoy watching /how/ someone wins. Knowing in advance who wins is less important. Anyone who whines about "spoilers" should make more effort to watch it live if they want to be surprised. Don't shift the burden onto others for your own lack of effort.

  21. Hey sim it kinda sucks that everyone pretty much is posting videos of npk but that is the world we live in today were everything is on social media no disrespect to anyone but people put a lot of time and money to do these shows but I get it . On another note yes that deal with Hercules was kinda of messed up don't know what all happened but wish him the best that is a bad hotrod. The one good thing about the other shows there all pretty much filmed in areas where people for the most part don't have access to witch is great for us viewers #no spoilers 😉 as always sim another great video keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 👍👍💯💯

  22. As far as I know the thing that happened between Turtle and JJ was during the filming of Fatest In America which was after the filming of this Cash Days unless they've gone back and edited out as far as Turtle having the fastest car on Memphis I dont think so there's some pretty fast cars Dennis Bailey, Lee Roberts, and Brian Brits Nova maybe the Fastest since he went turbo.

  23. I’m gonna spoil the rest of the season for all of ya! I’m gonna tell you who will win for the season! Here we go!
    Ryan, Ryan, Swan, Baker, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Fire Ball, Ryan, Ryan, The Gray Car, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan… 😂 jk

  24. Sim, you telling them what happens, and who won the NPK event, you are spoiling it. I get it, you get content, but you are in fact spoiling the event details.

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